Collection Issues

To ensure your waste is collected, have it out by 7 am on your collection day. Routes can change. Keep in mind that sometimes collection routes are altered to accommodate winter weather, snow removal and construction, among other things.

For timely updates about route alterations or cancellations, call GFL at 1-888-941-3345 ext. 1.

Waste Collector Blue Box
  • Missed Collections & OOPS Stickers

    For missed collections or if you received an OOPS sticker and have questions, contact:

    • GFL at 1-888-941-3345 ext. 1 or OR
    • Dufferin Waste at 519-941-2816 ext. 2620 or
  • Tips to ensure waste collection

    Below is some information to help you avoid any collection issues or figure out why your items were not collected:

    1. Set out your items by 7 am on your collection day. Collection crews start at 7 am and their routes change without notice. 
    2. Properly sort items into the correct bins. Search the WhichBin? tool, to find out which items go where. You can also use this sorting guide.
    3. Ensure your garbage is in a clear bag (maximum 79 x 107 cm), or loose in a garbage container (maximum 125 Litres). Black or opaque (non-transparent) garbage bags are not accepted.
    4. Each garbage bag/container may contain 2 opaque privacy bags, no larger than 51 x 56 cm.
    5. If you choose to use bags in your green bin, they must be compostable. Acceptable bags will have the compostable symbol.
    6. Stay within the weight limit of 20 kilograms (44 pounds) for each Blue Box, Green Bin, garbage bag or container, bundle, and yard waste item.
    7. Ensure your items are visible. Please do not place items behind parked cars, light posts, or snowbanks.
    8. Stay within the set out limits for garbage and bulky items. If you have garbage bags/containers over the limit, use garbage bag tags. Bag tags are $2 each and are available for purchase at these locations.
  • Rural Areas

    The use of a waste enclosure to store garbage, Blue Boxes, and Green Bins at the end of your lane is permitted in rural areas, depending on the "line of travel" the collection trucks take. The enclosure must have a flag, similar to a mailbox, in order to notify collection staff if there are materials to be picked up. The flag should be at least 5 x 10 cm (2 x 4 inches) and painted red. Collection staff will not stop if they do not see a red flag. The location of all enclosures must be approved by Dufferin County Waste Services. This flyer contains more information on waste enclosures.

    The collection vehicles only travel in one direction on some rural roads. On these roads, waste must be placed on a particular side of the road to be collected. If waste is placed on the wrong side of the road, opposite the “line of travel”, residents are notified by the driver with an “Oops” sticker. If you have any questions regarding the line of travel, please contact Dufferin Waste.


  • Snowbanks

    In the winter, maintain an area to safely place waste containers at the road. Containers placed on a snowbank can not be collected for health and safety reasons.