Staycation Ideas!

date night

A perfect date night: Head over to Farmhouse Pottery in Mono. When you get hungry, grab a bite and a glass of fresh tasting wine at Adamo Estate Winery. End your date off with a nice relaxing walk at Island Lake.

Girls Day Out

Plan an adventure filled day with your girls in downtown Orangeville! Join a morning Yoga class at GO yoga, enjoy a nice lunch at Pia’s on Broadway, and visit Dragonfly Arts to purchase and appreciate local art and get the chance to see some amazing handmade jewelry!


Family Trip

Enjoy a fun family trip! Have some time to bond and have fun with the kids on the weekend! Start your day off fishing and have a nice picnic at Island Lake Conservation Area. Let the kids have some of their own fun at the Jungle Oasis Indoor Playground! End your day off with a nice dinner at Blue Bird Café in Orangeville.



Head on over for a wonderful horseback riding experience at Rawhide Adventures in Mulmur. Stop for a quick small-town market experience and delicious sandwich at Market in the Mills in Horning's Mills. End your day off with a nice drive to Shelburne for a stop at Besley Country Market for some fresh farm produce and other goods!

Outdoorys Family

Have a day of outdoor fun with your family! Go to Harvey Curry Park in Orangeville, play a game of Frisbee and cool down in the splash pad! Taste a fresh home-cooked meal at nifty Nook Restaurant in Mono, and end your day with some golf at Lynbrook family Golf Centre in Amaranth.

Trip Downtown

Head on over for a nice day trip in Downtown Orangeville! Visit Suzanne Gardener for a unique flower shop experience and nice cup of coffee! Have some lunch and relax on Rustik's spacious patio, and go shopping at Pear Home for some home decor and great accessories!



Explore Dufferin County and it's beautiful landscapes by planning an activity filled trip! Start your day off with cycling in the Dufferin County Forest. When you're ready for a bite, stop at Terra Nova Pub in Mulmur for a fresh meal. End your evening off with some axe throwing at Far Shot Recreation in Orangeville!


Spend sometime and go on a day trip with your dad this weekend! Take this time to bond and get some time away together! Go fishing at one of Dufferin County's many fishing spots such as Island Lake, or the Pine River. Grab a bite at Philadelphia Kitchen, and enjoy a game of Bowling at Bowling on Broadway!



Enjoy a day in the Rolling Hills of Mulmur. Go to the Red Hen gallery and pick out some pieces of handmade pottery. Have a tasteful meal at the Rosemont General Store, and end your day with a trip to the Museum of Dufferin!

fishing trip

Want to try hitting some of the best fishing spots in Dufferin County? You can go to the scenic Pine River fishing area, the Luther Marsh or Island Lake! Don't forget to eat! Stop at Black Birch Restaurant for a nice cabin in the woods dining experience!



Have a nice girl’s night in Downtown Shelburne! Explore Shelburne's historic downtown. Have a cool drink on the nice outdoor patio at the Dufferin Public House, and enjoy a tasteful French dish at Beyond the Gate Restaurant!

Skateboard shop

Go to Moguls in Mocean in Downtown Orangeville for some great skateboards, new clothing, accessories and much more! Try your new board out at the Rotary Skate Park in Orangeville. Have a nice meal and some drinks at the Bar on Broadway!


Mother Daughter Day

Spend some time with your mom this weekend. Treat yourselves! Go to Suzanne Gardener to have a nice espresso and a chance to be surrounded by beautiful plants! Go shopping at Noinkees, and when you get hungry go to Euphoria for a fresh and tasty bite!


Enjoy a farm day with your family! Go to Lennox Farm in Melancthon and see how farms operate here in Dufferin County, and also pick out some fresh produce! Grab a bite at Health Cravings Holistic Kitchen in Shelburne. Before you go, make a stop at the Orangeville Farmers Market to meet some of Dufferin County's wonderful farmers, and take some more fresh goods home!