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Dine inDufferin

Hungry? Check out all of Dufferin's finest food places below!

  • Fine Dining
    Mrs. Mitchell's Restaurant (MUL)Mrs. Mitchell's Logo

    At Mrs. Mitchell's, expect a superior dining experience. The freshest ingredients are prepared simply, combined harmoniously and presented beautifully. Enjoy our colonial decor and upscale service delivered with a down-home smile. Signature touches like our famous house salad dressing, warm crusty rolls and our 17th century spoonbread recipe are the ultimate comfort foods, as familiar as the faces of our regulars. Local and seasonal flavours keep our specials menu fresh, so there's always a delicious surprise waiting for you. We accommodate special dietary requirements. Join us for Lunch, Brunch, Afternoon Tea, or Dinner. Menu items may vary, and we always have additional dinner specials on offer. 

    Address: 887395 Mulmur Townline, Mulmur, ON, L9V 2W1

    Phone: 519-925-3627

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    The Mono Cliffs Inn (MON)Mono Cliffs Inn Logo

    Each of the unique dining areas at the Mono Cliffs Inn creates its own mood. While atmosphere and excellent service are a great start to an evening, it's the culinary detail that completes your outing to the Cliffs. Chef VanderHoek is dedicated to the local food movement and creates his menus by season and availability of local products. He is proud to serve up only the freshest made from scratch items on the ever-changing chalkboard menu. He relies on local farmers and producers to provide the best local ingredients available by season. We feature local beers on tap, locally roasted coffee and support local artisans whenever possible. 

    Address: 367006 Mono Centre Road, Mono, ON, L9W 6X5

    Phone: 519-941-5109

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  • Cafe/Eatery & Specialty
    Blitzfull Treats Logo Blitzfull Treats (SHE)

     You work hard all week, so why not have a treat! Now carrying over 15 flavours, we offer both hard and soft ice cream and milkshakes.

     Address: 519 Main Street, Shelburne, ON L9V 271 (Ultramar)

     Phone: 647-997-4717

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    Euphoria LogoEuphoria Smoothies (OV)

    Situated in the heart of downtown Orangeville, Euphoria provides a wide array of energy smoothies, sourdough and panini sandwiches, vegan rice bowls, made in-house baked goods and organic coffee. Our contemporary and claiming interior boasts a sense of intention and a new beginning. Whether you are meeting a friend for a latte, sitting in our refined dining room to indulge in our expanded vegan lunch menu, enjoying a delicious smoothie on a hot summer day or ordering from our takeout sponsor, we strive to provide the highest level of hospitality.

    Address: 154 Broadway Avenue, Orangeville, ON L9W 1K3

    Phone: 519-938-5554

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    Fromage LogoFromage (OV)

    At fromage, we’d love for you to stop in and experience a large selection of some of the finest cheeses from around the world. Cheeses that you will not find in traditional grocery stores. There is currently over 60 different types of cheese available in our store with a wide selection of Ontario Cheeses from producers you will not find in grocery stores. Some of our product lines include Cottage Country North, Mitchell’s Soup, Naked Bee Honey and Olive Oils, Olives and Sauces from Italy

    Address: 111 Broadway Orangeville, ON L9W 1K2

    Phone: 519-307-7070

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    Healthy Cravings LogoHealthy Cravings Holistic Kitchen (SHE)

    Come in for a unique culinary experience! Seasonal dairy free soups and sweet potato based quiches, sandwiches made on sourdough bread or raw wrap alternative. Excellent selection of vegetarian/ vegan options to meet all your cravings.

    Address: 155 Main Street W, Shelburne, ON L9V 3K3

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    Jelly Bakery LogoJelly Craft Bakery (SHE) 

    Fresh baked bread, Jelly made soups, Pastries, Cakes and Cookies. We are a Café /and have a Gifts /Pottery / Grocery / Catering. We serve in house breakfast and lunch. So much to offer, come sit on our couch and enjoy a Latte.

     Address: 120 Main Street E, Shelburne, ON, L0N 1S3

     Phone: 519-925-1824

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    Le Finis Logo Le Finis (OV)

     "A confectionary experience unlike anything Orangeville has to offer." Patisserie, Specialty Tea, Espresso, Craft Cocktails

     Address: 125 Broadway, Orangeville, ON, L9W 1K2

     Phone: 519-307-2080

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    Main St. Café (SHE)

    Great sport to meet your friends for breakfast or lunch and feel right at home!

    Address: 149 Main Street W, Shelburne, ON L0N 1S3

    Phone: 519-925-1991

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    Mill Creek Gardens (OV)

    Now serving Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream day and evening, Mill Creek Gardens has become the talk of the town. Now people are coming in cars, buses, after the theatre, after shopping & work, walking to their newest favourite Ice Cream Shop and relaxing in some of the newest recycled outdoor patio furniture. But that's not the end of the development for Mill Creek Gardens. Dennis & Mary have now opened their newest Ice Cream Cafe with freshly brewed Baden coffee and light lunch menu including specialty desserts by Sicillian and yes Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream with over 40 flavours. So come enjoy yourself and pick something from our menu and relax on our patio in one of our Berlin Gardens poly furniture!

    Address: 3 Little York Street, Orangeville, ON L9W 1L8

    Phone: 519-307-6455

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    Mochaberry LogoMochaberry Coffee & Co Ltd. Café & Roastery (OV)

    At Mochaberry we roast all our coffee in-house daily in small batches to ensure our customers get the best quality and freshest coffee possible. We also offer a wide range of freshly made food, from breakfast sandwiches to grilled panini to an assortment of baked goods, smoothies and specialty coffee drinks. Mochaberry has been offering exceptional customer service, fresh food and specialty drinks to its customers since 2004. In 2012, Mochaberry started roasting all its coffee in-house at the cafe. This has ensured the freshest coffee is available to our customers whether purchasing online or at the cafe. The cafe/coffee roastery is located in the arts & culture district of Orangeville and operates out of a historic brick building with funky interior which includes original tin ceilings. Troy is the owner of Mochaberry Coffee & Co and has been in the food industry for almost 20 years and has always had a passion for coffee, fresh food and being part of the local community. 

    Address: 177 Broadway Orangeville, ON, L9W 1K2

    Phone: 519-938-8788

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    Pete’s Deli (SHE)

    We are known for our outstanding bagels and scrumptious cheesecake! Our bread products are baked on the premise daily so that we guarantee freshness.

    Address: 722 Main Street East, Shelburne, ON, L9V 2Z5

    Phone: 519-925-1901

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    Rosemont General Store LogoRosemont General Store and Kitchen (MUL)

    The Store specializes in organic, locally sourced products, homemade pies, entrees, tea biscuits, bread, etc., and a wide selection of merchandise from the United Kingdom. There is a 30-seat café in the store and every effort was made to keep the original decor. The aroma of freshly prepared baked goods fills the air, with every item on the menu made from scratch. The Kitchen is famous for its fresh homemade soups and entrées, including pizza cooked in the Woodstone oven. Catering can be booked for special events on the premises or in your chosen location. It also produces prepared foods to take away.

    Address: 508563 Highway 89, Mulmur, ON, L9V 0P7

    Phone: 705-735-6575

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    School Day’s Café (SHE)

    Cafe for all ages! Open Mon to Fri from 8am to 4pm! Eat in, take out! When schools are closed Cafe is closed! Open most PD days!

    Address: 420 Owen Sound Street, Shelburne, ON, L9V 2X1

    Phone: 519-925-9955

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    Sharon’s Cakes (SHE)

    Sharon's Cakes will create a delicious one of a kind edible creation for all of your special occasions.  Known for our Old Fashioned butter cream icing and our attention to detail, your cake will always be fresh and made with top quality ingredients. 

    Address: 141 Second Avenue W, Shelburne, ON, L9V 2X3

    Phone: 519-925-1005

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    Son of a Chef Logo Son of a Chef (OV)

     Son of a Chef Bakery strives on providing fresh and great tasting food to our customers. Providing fresh daily: breads, buns, sandwiches, pastries, cakes. Stop in today and enjoy some of our daily specials! Order fresh food for large groups and   special events.

     Address: 114 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1J9

     Phone: 519-942-3042

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    The Chocolate Shop LogoThe Chocolate Shop (OV)

    The best hand made chocolates, candy, fudge and ice cream. The Chocolate Shop has been busy making beautiful hand made chocolates for our wonderful customers to enjoy & to include in celebrating life’s special occasions since June of 2005. We have such fun as we switch from season to season! There truly is something for everyone, caramel, fudge, almond bark, double stuff oreos, caramel corn, peanut butter cups a wide range of chocolates & truffles to choose from just to name a few! An excellent selection of ice cream seasonally. Hope to see you soon!

    Address: 114 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1J9

    Phone: 519-941-8968

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    Green Apple Cafe LogoThe Green Apple Café (OV)

    The Green Apple Café serves all-day breakfast, lunch and take-out. Also have a look at the specialty drink and deserts menu!

    Address: 489 Broadway, Unit 13, Orangeville, ON, L9W 0A4

    Phone: 519-942-2909

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    French Press LogoThe French Press Coffee House and Bistro (OV)

    Address: 121 First Street Orangeville, ON l9W 3J8

    Phone: 519-938-9938

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    Perked PierogiThe Perked Pierogi (GV)

    The Perked Pierogi is a cafe in the quaint town of Grand Valley Ontario. We serve coffee, baked goods and of course our signature and gourmet pierogis. Come in for the great food, friendly atmosphere and superb customer service!

    Address: 17 Main Street, Grand Valley, ON L9W 5S8

    Phone: 519-928-5999

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    Wicked ShortbreadWicked Shortbread (OV)

    Wicked Shortbread delivers all year round right to your door. All of our products are lovingly handcrafted at our bricks and mortar shop in Orangeville Ontario, packed up and shipped out by our hardworking staff. At wicked, we do it just like Grandma used to, all butter, flour and sugar and all by hand.

    Address: 96 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1J9

    Phone: 519-307-5000

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  • Tasty Ethnic
    Auntie Joy's Spring Rolls LogoAuntie Joy’s Spring Rolls (OV)

    Auntie Joy’s provide spring rolls and catering services. Auntie Joy’s specializes in Thai, Vietnamese, and Filipino cuisine.

    Address: 75 First Street Orangeville, ON, L9W 2E7

    Phone: 519-942-8802

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    Bluebird Cafe LogoBluebird Café & Grill (OV)

    At the Bluebird Café you’ll find dinner and lunch menus that are filled top to bottom with all-star dishes. From our starters to our desserts, you won’t find any filler. Our pizzas are cooked in a custom-made wood-fired oven in the centre of our restaurant. You can expect perfect pies, topped with the most incredible local and carefully sourced ingredients such as Ontario sherry tomatoes, prosciutto, wild mushrooms, blue cheese, and more.

    Address: 100 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1J9

    Phone (reservations): 519-941-3101

    Phone (take-out): 519-941-5246

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    Coriander Kitchen LogoCoriander Kitchen (OV)

    Authentic Indian Cuisine. Taste India in every bite by trying delicacies from the menu

    Address: 85 Broadway Orangeville, ON L9W 1K2

    Phone: 519-940-9410

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    Curry Mantra Logo Curry Mantra (OV)

     At Curry Mantra, where the traditional dishes from all the regions of India are served, you will find distinctive and savoury food that will tickle the taste buds and delight the belly. We are not just a restaurant, but a place full of culture and good   memories. So come, join us and take a culinary trip through India, and we promise that you will not only leave with an exotic taste in the mouth but also with memories to cherish. We look forward to pleasantly surprise you with quality and service,   and are confident that you will be back again for more. We Provide Vegan Food!

     Address: 520 Riddell Road, Unit G, Orangeville, ON L9W 5L1

     Phone: 647-505-6213

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    Guest Wok LogoGuest Wok (OV)

    Order a nice dinner and lunch from the menu! Guest Wok has been specializing in Cantonese and Szechuan food for more than 20 years.

    Address: 47 Broadway Avenue, Unit #3, Orangeville, ON, L9W 4N8

    Phone: 519-942-3838

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    Happy DragonHappy Dragon Express (SHE)

    Create a combo meal or choose from our menu of special family dinners. Happy Dragon Express specializes in Chinese food take-out, and has been proudly serving and catering the Shelburne and surrounding area since 1996. There is no MSG used in cooking, and cholesterol free canola oil is used in stir fried dishes.

    Address: 226 First Avenue E, Unit 5, Shelburne, ON L0N 1S2

    Phone: 519-925-9333

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    Imperial KitchenImperial Kitchen (OV)

    If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you have come to the right place. At Imperial Kitchen we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. Imperial kitchen provides dine in, take-out and catering for all events!

    Address: 280 Broadway, Unit #1, Orangeville, ON L9W 1L1

    Phone: 519-943-1298

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    JB Panda LogoJB Panda Chinese Restaurant (OV)

    JB Panda serves Cantonese and Hot Szechuan styled food. The menu has something for everyone! Have a nice lunch or dinner, or pick something from the special diet menu! Special allergy requests are taken.

    Address: 121 First Street, Unit 3B, Orangeville, ON L9W 3JB

    Phone: 519-938-8883

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    Mahdia Shawarma LogoMahdia Shawarma (OV)

    If you are in the Orangeville area and are looking for a new Middle Eastern restaurant to order from, look no further than Madhia Shawarma. Our menu is packed with amazing shawarmas, donairs, wraps, and much more all offered at unbeatable prices! Let Madhia Shawarma take you on an exquisite experience with our offerings that are always rich in flavour. Whether you are feeding the whole family or ordering late night food with friends, our team is dedicated to serving the best possible meals to each of our customers.

    Address: 50 Rolling Hills Drive, Unit 8, Orangeville, ON L9W 6T6

    Phone: 519-806-3336

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    Mrs. D LogoMrs. D. Jerk, Roti and Pastry (OV)

    Dine in, take-out or get catering for all of your events. Enjoy an authentic West Indian Cuisine!

    Address: 247 Highway 10, Unit 2, Orangeville, ON, L9W 2Z1

    Phone: 519-942-4926

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    Nella's Jerk LogoNella’s Jerk (OV)

    Experience an authentic taste of the islands. Pick an item on the lunch or dinner menu and get catering for all of your events!

    Address: 75 Alder Street, Orangeville, ON, L9W 5A9

    Phone: 519-941-5005

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    RJ's Taste of Asia Logo RJ’s Taste of Asia (OV)

     RJ’s Taste of Asia serves fresh modern Asian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Using modern techniques, fresh ingredients & bright flavors to bring the wonderful dishes from the distinct areas of Asia. To the delight of his patrons, Judymar   Mercurio uses his many years of cooking experience to make dishes that are satisfying and delicious.

     Address: 19 Mill Street, Orangeville, ON, L9W 2M2

     Phone: 519-316-7500

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    South 88 LogoSouth 88 Viet Thai Restaurant (OV)

    South 88 Viet Thai Restaurant Orangeville is the perfect place for savory Thai. We provide high-quality food made to perfection, try our salads for yourself. Come in and experience our unmatched service and food.

    Address: 95 First Street, Orangeville, ON, L9W 2EB

    Phone: 519-942-8805

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    Sushi Kaika (OV)

    Sushi restaurant in Orangeville

    Address: 245 Centennial Road, Orangeville, ON L9K 5K9

    Phone: 519-941-8288

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    Sweet Chili Viet-Thai Pho Noodle House (OV)

    Sweet Chili Thai Restaurant is Orangeville's original Viet Thai Restaurant. Snow and her sister, Mai, have been serving authentic Vietnamese and Thai cuisine since 2003. This family restaurant was the first of its kind in Orangeville and has been serving delicious Asian meals since it's humble beginnings. Come and join us and enjoy our springrolls, spicy noodles, mellow curries and signature dishes like pho noodle soup, vermicelle and pad thai. Sweet Chilli is committed to a fresh, tasty and healthy menu to enjoy.

    Address: 82 First Street, Orangeville, ON, L9W 3J6Sweet Chili

    Phone: 519-415-4848

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    Thai For You (OV)

    Thailand’s cuisine is considered as one the world’s healthiest. A profusion of fresh produce, fresh poultry, fish and seafoods with a balanced complement of aromatic herbs and spices. Wok-fried, curry or grilled for a dish that is light, nutritious, and bursting with flavor.

    Address: 235 Centennial Road, Orangeville, ON L9W 5K9

    Phone: 519-942-9199

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    Topville Jamaican Cuisine Take-Out & Grocery (OV)

    The new and only authentic Jamaican Take-Out & Grocery in Orangeville, ON. Come and get a real taste of true Jamaican flavours; some delicious, home-cooked “yawdie” goodness...

    Address: 312 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1L3

    Phone: 519-307-0400

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  • Casual Dining

    Bar on Broadway Logo

    Bar on Broadway (OV)

    Address: 114 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1J6

    Phone: 519-307-3307

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    Barb's Country Kitchen Logo Barb’s Country Kitchen (OV)

     Barb’s Country Kitchen is a quaint unique restaurant in the heart of Orangeville. Everything is homemade, just like momma and granny used to make. From our hearts to your plates.

     Address: 634041 Highway 10, Orangeville, ON. L9W 2Z1

     Phone: 519-938-8282

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    Barley Vine Rail Co Logo Barley Vine Rail Co (OV)

     Barley Vine Rail Co. aims to connect Canadians to a dining experience in the same way ingredients are connected to food and a train connects us to friends and family across our beautiful Country. We take pride in Absolute Guest Satisfaction as you   travel with us across our Nation and enjoy the tastes of how diverse and Multicultural this Country is whilst providing happiness and joy through, food, music and art of this Amazing Country that we are.

     Address: 35 Armstrong Street, Orangeville, ON L9W 3H6

     Phone: 519-942-3400

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    Beyond the Gate Logo Beyond the Gate (SHE)

     A Michelin-star-trained French chef. A sign no bigger than a tea towel. A long, Get Smart hallway. One room. Six or so tables, two very local draft beers, a handful of French wines, and... crepes. Real, French,   organic, unbleached flour crepes, made ten feet from you, bigger than your aunt's purse, the one with half the world in it, and... well, two days later I'm still chewing in my sleep. Filled with everything from   cheddar to potatoes to shrimp to, of course, all the sweet French stuff you'd want and can mispronounce. Sorry, Frederic Chartier, but the secret is out. And here's the best part: It's in Shelburne. They dropped a   French chef in a town no bigger than a sneeze. And he's packing them in.

     Address: 138 Main Street W, Shelburne, ON L9V 3K9

     Phone: 519-306-3600

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    Black Birch LogoBlack Birch Restaurant (MON)

    Nestled in the side of Hockley Valley, right across from the Hockley Valley Provincial Reserve, the Black Birch Restaurant offers an escape from the busy life of the city, while at the same time treating the palate to the tastes of fine food with perfectly paired wine or local beer. It is a perfect balance of country setting and fine dining. We are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week as well as Sunday brunch.

    Address: 307388 Hockley road, Mono. ON L9W 6N1

    Phone: 519-938-2333

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    Country Cabin Restaurant (SHE)

    Come enjoy a yummy creation at Country Cabin Restaurant. Come experience their family friendly atmosphere.

    Address:  506198 Highway 89 Shelburne, Shelburne, ON L0N 1S0

    Phone: 519-925-3118

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    Deja Vu Diner Logo Déjà vu Diner (OV)

     At Déjà vu Diner, taste the fresh taste of homemade breakfast and dinner. Déjà vu has a specialty breakfast. Lunch, seniors, kid’s, keto, and vegan menu along with weekly specials! Dine in or order online.

     Address: 318 Broadway, Orangeville, ON, L9W 1L3

     Phone: 519-941-9652

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    Dufferin Public House LogoDufferin Public House (SHE)

    Address: 214 Main Street E, Shelburne, ON L9V 3K8

    Phone: 647-393-2102

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    Forage LogoForage (OV)

    Forage offer’s casual gourmet dining, take out and catering. Each meal is made with high quality ingredients focusing on local and organic options whenever possible! Forage also has gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options, and takes all food allergy requests! Taste fresh in every bite!

    Address: 163 First Street, Orangeville, ON, L9W 3J8

    Phone: 519-942-3388

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    Grand River Chop House (GV)

    We specialize in premium, heavily aged steaks and chops with guest obsessed service and uncompromising standards. The Chop House group of restaurants are a regional group of chef driven upscale casual restaurants focussed on showcasing the local products grown and raised in the areas in which we operate.  The Chop Houses are community oriented and our menus reflect regional customer preferences and are committed to providing the highest possible quality of food and standard of service in each community we serve.

    Address: 5 Amaranth Street W, Grand Valley, ON L0N 1G0Grand River Chop House Logo

    Phone: 519-590-1200

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    Marie’s Valley Inn Restaurant (GV)

    We specialize in home-style cooking with different specials everyday at affordable prices. Good food fast, not fast food.

    Address: 47 Main Street S, ON L9W 5S8

    Phone: 519-928-2899

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    Mill Creek Pub LogoMill Creek Pub and Restaurant (OV) (GV)

    Visit one of Mill Creek’s two locations! One located in the historic district of Orangeville, and the other on the Main Street of Grand Valley. Have a look at the diverse menu of fresh meals and enjoy the pub atmosphere! Kick it up a notch and try a wine flight of wines from all around the world!

    Address (OV): 25 Mill Street, Orangeville, ON L9W 2M2

    Phone (OV): 519-307-5700

    Address (GV): 30 Main Street S, Grand Valley, ON, L9W 5V4

    Phone (GV): 519-928-2700

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    Nifty Nook Restaurant (MON)

    Looking for that authentic, home-cooked breakfast experience…without being at home? Introduce yourself to Nifty Nook Restaurant! Serving a variety of delectable breakfast items, as well as hearty sandwiches and entrees, there’s something to put a smile on anyone’s face. Indulge in some Pancakes, hearty sandwiches or omelettes from around the world.

    Address: 633432 Highway 10 Mono, ON L9W 5P3

    Phone: 519-941-4769

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    Philadelphia Kitchen (OV)

    We are a family run place. A Mom and Pop place. We use fresh ingredients and bake our own bread. We pride ourselves on customer service. When you are in our restaurant you are part of our family. In this time that we are in right now we need to slow down and enjoy our food. Make some extra time and enjoy some homemade food. We have an open kitchen so you can see your food being prepared in front of your eyes. We look forward to having you as our guest in the near future

    Address: 281 Broadway, Unit 2, Orangeville, ON L9W 5G9

    Phone: 519-938-8970

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    Pia's LogoPia’s on Broadway (OV)

    Pia’s combines gastronomy with local and seasonal principles! Visit Pia’s for lunch, dinner or breakfast on Saturday mornings! All food in fresh, local and seasonal. There is something on the menu for everyone!

    Address: 177 Broadway, Orangeville, ON, L9W 1K2

    Phone: 519-307-1258

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    Rustik LogoRustik Local Bistro (OV)

    RustiK Local Bistro, where local ingredients meet local talent to combine and give you a delicious experience your palate won’t soon forget. This casual, yet elegant, family friendly dining experience lends itself to everyone who is looking for an enjoyable, tasteful, fresh experience.

    Address: 199 Broadway Orangeville, ON, L9W 1K2

    Phone: 519-940-3108

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    Shannon’s Tap + Grill (SHE)

    Great food, quaint atmosphere and amazing drinks! Whether you are a local or on your travels, come on by!

    Address: 112 Main Street W, Shelburne, ON, L0N 1S3

    Phone: 519-306-1414

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    Sunrise Diner (SHE)

    Sunrise diner severs everything from breakfast to pizza! It’s your ideal spot to stop during a long drive.

    Address: 11 Main Street West, Shelburne, ON L9V 3K3

    Phone: 519-925-5757

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    Taphouse Craft Beer + Kitchen (OV)

    Exclusive craft beer listings are available on draught or by the glass while dining in, or order from our online store for pickup or delivery of the freshest beers, including one offs and seasonals, not available at the Big Box Stores. 

    Address: 34 Mill Street, Orangeville

    Phone: 519-940-3395

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    Terra Nova Public House LogoTerra Nova Public House (MUL)

    The Terra Nova Public House is a fully licenced pub/country style restaurant that offers an outdoor patio as well as an indoor dining room. The newly renovated dining room is part of a century old building that for many years served as the local general store. Located in the Pine River Valley, the small hamlet of Terra Nova is surrounded by natural beauty. The rolling hills, views, vistas, rivers and streams provide a spectacular backdrop to enjoy a few drinks with friends or a memorable meal with that special someone. The warm inviting atmosphere, friendly service and traditional pub/country style food makes the Terra Nova Public House the ideal location for you to relax and enjoy some time away from the ordinary.

    Address: 667294 20th Sideroad, Mulmur, ON L9V 0V7

    Phone: 705-466-5992

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    Black Wolf Smokehouse LogoThe Black Wolf Smokehouse (OV)

    Take out, dine in, or get catering for your events at The Black Wolf Smokehouse. Enjoy your meal with live music! Meats are smoked on location for up-to 18 hours, and then hand-rubbed with the Black wolf blend of seasonings and spices, then barbequed and brushed with savoury sauce that ensures to deliver your palette to paradise! Experience a warm and authentic barbeque experience.

    Address: 139 Broadway, Orangeville, ON, L9W 1K2

    Phone: 519-941-1313

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    The Edge LogoThe Edge Restaurant & Bar (OV)

    The Edge is a small eatery inside the Headwaters Racquet Club and offers both dine in and take out. Experience a casual vibe during the week and an intimate feel on the weekends the menu is local and seasonal, with almost everything cooked from scratch! 

    Address: 205467 County Road 109, Orangeville, ON, L9W 2Y9

    Phone: 519-940-1111

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    Foal Village Pub LogoThe Foal Village Pub (OV)

    We designed The Foal Village Pub to be a cozy, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for tourists and locals alike. We like to think of ourselves as the Orangeville version of Rover's Return #coronationstreet. Do you like to people watch? Have a seat in one of our velvet-tuffted booths and have a bird's eye view of the fun that takes place on Broadway Ave. with our wall of street-facing windows. Are you having a bad day? Come in and pull up a seat at the bar and chat with our friendly and humourous staff. Do you want a history lesson? Come in and take a gander at the pictures that adorn our walls - you can learn about the origins of Orangeville, the history of pub life in Britain and, of course, anything you want to know about horses and equestrian life. Come in for a visit - we can almost guarantee that you will return again and again.    

    Address: 171 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1J6

    Phone: 519-307-1534

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    The Hatter LogoThe Hatter Gastropub (OV)

    Come celebrate with friends in the bar of enjoy a quiet family meal in the dining room. Either way you are going to receive the same great service and delicious food.

    Address: 101 First Street, Orangeville, ON L9W 2E8

    Phone: 519-938-9998

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  • Fast Foods
    Broadway Fish & Chips (OV)

    Choose to take-out or dine in, and enjoy fresh Fish & Chips served with hand cut chips

    Address: 308 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1L3

    Phone: 519-940-3369

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    Champ Burger LogoChamp Burger (MUL)

    Champ Burger has been owned and operated by the Dimakos family since 1992. That's right, they started their journey in burgers around the same time you started watching Seinfeld. In fact, they built this restaurant from scratch and that's the same dedication, quality and focus they bring to their food and service.

    Address: 506275 Highway 89, Shelburne, ON l9V 0N8

    Phone: 519-925-0181

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    East Coast Fish & Chips (OV)

    Specializes in Fish and Chips, Shrimp, Scallops and calamari. Dine-In, take out, delivery and catering. Burgers & Chicken Strips available too.

    Address: 57 Townline, Orangeville, ON L9W 1V5

    Phone: 519-942-2600

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    Hyland Fish and Chips (SHE)

    If you are looking to feed your whole family or a large crowd, consider Hyland Fish and Chips Family Deals page that offers large portions at a great price. If you are looking for specials, we have our Specials page which offers meals at very amazing prices. If you want take-out we have a Take-Out Menu page that has a vast list of the food we have available to take home or wherever you are dining. We make every effort to keep our prices and portion sizes very competitive. Our qualified staff cooks up some of the finest fish and chicken that is both great tasting and easy on the pocketbook.  

    Address: 800 Main Street E, Shelburne, ON L0N 1S4Hyland Fish and Chips

    Phone: 519-925-0311

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    Johnny’s Pizza (OV)

    Whether you want an authentic homemade Italian stone baked pizza or sandwich you can be sure we use only the best products which are always fresh. Our sauces and dough are made fresh daily from time honoured family recipes. Johnny’s have been family owned and operated for 17 years in Orangeville with a commitment to excellent service. Our menu includes donairs, homemade lasagna, world famous wings, and don’t forget our wacky bread with deep fried pickles.

    Address: 283 Broadway, Orangeville, ON, L9W 1L2

    Phone: 519-942-9852

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    Johnny's Pizza LogoJohnny’s Pizza (SHE)

    What sets our restaurant apart from its competitors is that we go the extra mile when it comes to picking the most delicious ingredients. There's also plenty of variety. Cheese, pepperoni, bell peppers, olives, and more are available. If you’d prefer something else, we have a full menu of other food options including: chicken wings and specialty pizzas created by your’s truly.

    Address: 107 Main Street W, Shelburne, ON L9V 3K3

    Phone: 519-925-1204

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    Olympic PizzaOlympic Pizza (GV)

    Looking for somewhere to eat? Here at Olympic Pizza we have a wide selection of Italian food to choose from and we're located right in Grand Valley. Find out about our tasteful food, like our pasta. Be sure to check us out to find out more about our feature meals. 

    Address: 33 Main Street S, Grand Valley, ON L0N 1G0

    Phone: 519-928-5353

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    Pizza R Us LogoPizza R Us (OV)

    Address: 50 Rolling Hills Drive, Orangeville, ON L9W 4W2

    Phone: 519-307-7492


    Superburger LogoSuperburger (MUL)

    We’re proud and happy to bring great burgers, fries and our housemade onion rings to locals and travellers in the Headwaters region. We’ve added supercoffee to the mix – the best coffee and espresso you’ll find on the highway.

    Address: 506269 Highway 89, Mulmur, ON L9V 0N7

    Phone: 519-306-3066

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    Townline Fish and Chips LogoTownline Fish & Chips (OV)

    Serving premium Alaskan Halibut from the cold, crystal waters of Alaska and fresh cut fries!

    Address: 400 Townline, Unit 4, Orangeville, ON L9W 3Z6

    Phone: 519-941-9946

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    WOW Poutinerie LogoW.O.W Poutinerie (OV)

    W.O.W Poutinerie is proud to offer a multitude of flavours from around the world. Our goal is to keep your taste buds alive with our authentic poutine and award-winning wings to keep our customers craving more.

    Address: 35 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1J7

    Phone: 519-307-7229

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