construction site

A Road Occupancy permit is required whenever there is any type of work or activity on a County Road or Road Right of Way which will interrupt normal traffic flow, cause safety concerns, or change existing conditions including:

  • Construction on private property in which the right-of-way is used for staging equipment
  • Construction on private property in which large equipment is accessing property
  • Private events not fully contained on private property
  • Installation of new entrances and/or entrance upgrades
  • Parades
  • Filming
  • Athletic events (marathons, cycling, etc.)
  • Utilities repair/installation

This ensures that the County can:

  • Determine conflicts with other activities
  • Ensure that road conditions are adequate for the type of activity
  • Review safety related concerns and issues
  • Monitor cleanup, damages, etc.
  • Inspect restoration work

The fee for a Road Occupancy Permit is on a per case basis, please call the Public Works office for consultation.

We require a completed application accompanied by a certificate of insurance naming Dufferin County as additional insured and compliance with Emergency Services Notification.