Dufferin County follows the maximum weight and dimensional limits for loads as set by the Ministry of Transportation for Ontario (MTO):

  • Length - combination of vehicle and load not to exceed 23 metres
  • Width - combination of vehicle and load not to exceed 2.6 metres
  • Height - combination of vehicle and load not to exceed 4.15 metres

Any vehicle and load combination on a Dufferin County road in excess of these amounts requires an Excess Load Permit. In all instances, with the exception of the Special Annual permit, a valid permit from the MTO is required before applying to Dufferin County.

Please note that this permit covers Dufferin County Roads only. For travel on town and township roads please contact the town or township directly.

The County of Dufferin offers three types of Excess Load Permits:

  • Temporary Permit - $50/per. Valid for one transport for a specified time period
  • Annual Permit - $250/per. Valid for the calendar year. The MTO has increased its options for Annual Excess Load Permits by offering permit enhancements for specific types of loads. Dufferin County now offers similar options on the Annual Excess Permit application. Submissions must include the associated MTO approved Enhancement, Amendment or Exception.
  • Special Annual Permit - $250/per. The MTO refers to these permits as Project Permits. Commonly used when 5 or more oversized loads are being moved within the calendar year, which do not conform to any of the Enhanced Annual Permit options. Additional reporting is required. Valid for the calendar year.

Print off the permit application of your choice, complete all sections and return to the County of Dufferin by any of the following methods: email, fax, mail. Include the following required documents:

  • Valid insurance certificate naming Dufferin County as additional insured with minimum coverage of five million dollars ($5,000,000.00)
  • A copy of the first page of all applicable MTO permits
  • Payment of applicable fee.

Allow a minimum of 2 business days for processing.

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