Online Payments

If you are paying a parking ticket, please ensure it is a County of Dufferin parking ticket received on a Dufferin County Road (e.g. Mono Centre Road, Dufferin Road 8). Select 'Other' as the payment option and use your ticket number as the Invoice Number. In the description of payment section, include 'parking ticket' along with your license plate number and/or the road you received the ticket on.

For the Dufferin Oaks Be a Santa to a Senior donations, select "Other" as the payment. For Invoice Number, enter "Dufferin Oaks" and for Description of Payment, enter "Santa to a Senior". 

If you are using the "Other" option for a payment other than those listed above, please speak with a staff member at Dufferin County before you make a payment to ensure that you are including the necessary information to process your payment.

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