What is the Procurement Department responsible for?

We are responsible for the complete end to end competitive bid process, vendor performance evaluations and contract negotiations.  All purchases in excess of $100,000 are reported to County Council.

We are governed by the County's Purchasing By-law, which is the policy that dictates the processes required for spending public funds. The Purchasing By-Law is updated every five years. All amendments to the by-law require County Council approval.

Accessible Customer Service Training Requirements - For Contractors, Consultants, and Service Providers

All contractors performing work for the County must comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act (AODA), 2005, in particular the Integrated Accessibility Standards, O. Reg. 191/11.

Without limitation, all contractors performing work for the County shall maintain training records with respect to all accessibility standards training provided as prescribed in the Regulations under the AODA and in the Human Rights Code, including dates when training is provided, the number of personnel who received training, and individual training records.

Contractors shall submit to the County, if requested, documentation describing their accessibility training policies, practices and procedures, and a summary of the contents of training, together with a record of the dates on which training is provided and the number of attendees.

Unless determined by the County to not be practicable, contractors shall ensure that any information, products, deliverables and/or communication (as defined in the Integrated Regulation), including future updates, produced pursuant to a Contract shall be in conformity with World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA and shall be provided in accessible Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or other electronic format.


Co-Operative Buying Group – CFTA Compliance

The County of Dufferin intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by Kinetic GPO, Local Authority Services (LAS), Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) between January 2022 to December 2024, for indefinite term projects. For further information and access to Kinetic GPO, OECM or LAS request for proposal (RFP) notices, please review the individual websites for further information.


Asset Disposal 

If you have any questions, please contact our Procurement Manager 519.941.2816 ext. 2806 or via email at purchasing@dufferincounty.ca.

To see all bids submitted, please visit our Bids and Tenders Website.

2021-Present Awarded Bids/Tenders

Bid Number Bid Name Company

Contract Value

(No tax)

RFP 2023 IT-23-02 10 cm Digital Ortho-Photography Acquisition Project (Yearly) J.D. Barnes Ltd. $18,692 (yearly, 5 years)
RFP 2023 IT-23-03 20 cm Digital Ortho-Photography Acquisition Project Aeroquest Mapcon Inc. $39,520
RFP 2023 PW-23-01 Resurfacing Dufferin County Road 124 & two (2) separate sections of Dufferin County Road 21 Cox Construction $5,454,945
RFP PW-23-02 Culvert Replacements 004-2507 and 004-2508 Cox Construction $808,802
T2023 FA-23-05 Front Load Waste Disposal Services GFL Environmental Inc. $41,353 (yearly, 2 years)
RFP 2023 AD-23-01 Legal Services Aird and Berlis LLP Based on needs
RFP2023 ED-23-01 Consulting Services for Building Permit Fee Study Watson & Associates Economists Ltd $38, 600
RFP2022 CE-22-01 Energy Management Software EnergyCAP Canada Inc. $18,090
RFP2022 DO-22-05 Dufferin Oaks Flooring Project Cooksville Interiors (Miss) Ltd. $240,010
RFP2022 CS-22-01 Dufferin County Early Learning and Child Care Evaluation Methodology Collective Results Inc. $51,438
T2022 CF-22-01 Timber Sales Penguin Poles Ltd-Gee's Lumber and Logging $165,815 (Revenue)
Q2022 PW-22-14 Supply and Delivery of Pickup Truck(s) Trillium Ford Lincoln Ltd $112,895.96
RFP2022 CAO-22-02 Corporate Strategic Plan 2023-2026 Strategy Corp Inc. $137,515
T2022 PW-22-11 Rehabilitation of Potts Culvert (004-0077) Lancoa Contracting Inc. $331.337
T2022 PW-22-10 Crack Sealing for Various County Roads Neptune Security Services Inc. $82,883
T2022 PW-22-07 Supply and Load Various Granular Materials Strada Aggregates $383,188
RFP2022 DO-22-02 Social Work Services for Dufferin Oaks Age-Wise Solutions Inc. $71,700
RFP2022 FA-22-03 Engineering Services for Design, Tender Documents & Contract Administration for the Surface Rehabilitation and Asphalt Resurfacing of Various County Owned Parking Lots Triton Engineering Services Ltd. $84,900
T2022 DO-22-03 Supply, Delivery and Installation of one (1) chiller at Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home FXD Performance Contracting Inc. $137,812
T2022 FA-22-02 Dufferin County Balcony Repair and Restoration Work Brook Restoration Ltd $797,000
T2022 PW-22-04 Resurfacing Dufferin County Road 3 and Dufferin County Road 18 Cox Construction Ltd. $6,266,450
T2022 PW-22-05 Supply and Delivery of one (1) Tandem Axel Truck with Roll Off Snow plow Equipment BI & I Complete Truck Centre $409,666
RFP2021 AD-21-03 Development of a Western Workforce Strategy Mellor Murray Consulting $121,150
RFP2021 CS-21-01 Assisted Living Services & Programming in Orangeville VON Ontario $296,174
RFP2021 HR-21-01 Third Party Disability Management Services ASG Rehab Solutions $265,825 (approx. 5 yr total)
T2021 FA-21-01 Supply, Deliver & Installation of Modernization of Various Elevators Element Elevator $1,002,250
RFP2021 AD-21-02 Integrity Commissioner Services ADR Chambers Inc. $2,000 yearly retainer + $300 per hour
RFP2021 AD-21-01 Transit Feasibility Study IBI Group Professional Services $69,288
RFP2021- DO-21-01 Mobility Products & Services - Dufferin Oaks Ontario Home Oxygen & Respiratory Services Inc. n/a paid by resident
T2021 PW-21-05 Supply & Load of Various Granular Materials Strada Aggregates $411,970
T2021 FA-21-02 Supply, Delivery & Installation of 250 Simon Street Roofing T. Hamilton & Son $182,428
T2021 PW-21-06 Reconstruction of the Dufferin Road 3 & 17th Line Intersection, Rehabilitation of 17th Line & Rehabilitation of Dufferin Road 3 Cox Construction $5,385,295
T2021 PW-21-07 Resurfacing Dufferin Roads 10, 124 & 109 Cox Construction $2,489,372
T2021 DO-21-02 Front Canopy, Walkway & Garden Replacement at Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home Avion Construction Group Inc. $238,497
T2021 PW-21-08 Supply & Delivery of Snowplow B & I Complete Truck Centre $329,146
Cooperative Agreement Purchase of 2 ambulances Demers $304,050
RFP2021 MU-21-03 Museum of Dufferin Strategic Plan Creative Process Inc. $39,460
RFP2021 ED-21-14 Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan MDB Insight Inc. $67,195
RFP2021 PW-21-14 Engineering Services - Rehab/Replacement of 4 Structures GM Blue Plan Engineering $194,985
RFQ DO-21-07 Dufferin Oaks: Resident Footcare Therapeutic Nursing Services $90,000
T2021 DO-21-05 Mel Lloyd Centre Shingle Replacement T. Hamilton & Son Roofing $70,500