Western Ontario Wardens Caucus (WOWC)

Jan 17th, 2023
By rwhelan

​We are happy to announce that Warden Mills was elected to the office of the Vice-Chair of the WOWC at its meeting on Friday January 13, 2023. Sonya Pritchard, Dufferin County Chief Administrative Officer, was also appointed at that meeting as Treasurer.  

WOWC consists of representatives consisting of Wardens and CAO's from 15 upper and single tier municipalities in approximately 300 communities. WOWC advocates on behalf of the member Counties on key items such as infrastructure, transportation, long term care, broadband and economic development.   

Congratulations to both Warden Mills and Sonya Pritchard! 

Warden Glen McNeil of the County of Huron has been elected by acclamation as Chair and Meighan Wark, CAO of Huron County, as Secretary.

Priorities for the WOWC over the coming months include:
• diversifying affordable and attainable housing in rural areas,
• attracting a skilled workforce to the region,
• addressing mental health and addictions, and
• cell gap coverage.

“The WOWC has continued to advocate strongly for its priorities and looks forward to the delegations with various Provincial Ministers at the ROMA 2023 Conference,” added Chair McNeil. “The challenges around workforce and housing continue to have significant impacts on our economy and we all need to work together for solutions. This excellent cooperation among all levels of government will only continue to foster the future success of Western Ontario.”

Prior to his appointment as WOWC Chair, Warden McNeil served on the Caucus in 2022 as Vice-Chair. As WOWC Chair, Warden McNeil will serve on the AMO Board, County Caucus, and will continue to serve as Mayor of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh (ACW).
In addition, Mayor Jim Ginn, Municipality of Central Huron, was elected by acclamation as Chair of the WOWC Economic Development Sub-Committee. Committee membership will also include the following Wardens and Past-Mayors: Cathy Burghardt- Jesson (Middlesex), Basil Clarke (Simcoe), Alison Warwick (Thames – Centre) and supported by WOWC member CAOs, Regional Partners and Economic Development specialist staff.


Media Contact
Kate Burns Gallagher, Executive Director
Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus
T: 519-495-6059 E: kate@wowc.ca

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