Council In Brief - November 14, 2019

Nov 18th, 2019
By rwhelan

Council In Brief For November 14, 2019

The following highlights from the November 14, 2019 Dufferin County Council Meeting are provided for general information purposes. The complete agenda and minutes from the November 14, 2019 County Council meeting will be available on the County website.

Upcoming Meetings

The next Committee meetings will be held on Thursday, November 28, 2019 in Orangeville at 55 Zina Street in the Sutton Room:

Infrastructure & Environmental Services Committee: 1:00 pm
General Government Services Committee: 3:00 pm
Community Services/Dufferin Oaks/Museum Committee: 6:30 pm

Election of the 2020 Warden & Committee Chairs

Council would like everyone to join them at the Election of the 2020 Warden and Committee Chairs meeting on December 12, 2019. The meeting will take place at the Town of Orangeville Council Chambers (87 Broadway) beginning at 6:00 p.m. with a reception to follow in the atrium.

National Housing Day Proclamation

Warden White declared November 22, 2019 as National Housing Day. 

Council members have been invited to attend the National Housing Day Forum – Housing: Rising to the Challenges on Friday November 22, 2019, to be held at the Salvation Army Church in Orangeville.

Capital Project Update - October 2019

Capital road, culvert and bridge projects are ongoing in the County of Dufferin with many projects substantially complete.All projects are scheduled to be wrapped up by the end of November 2019.

Recycling Update - October 2019

Scott Burns, Director of Public Works, discussed his report outlining current Blue Box recycling market uncertainty, the subsequent potential budgetary impacts, and future service delivery following transition to Full Producer Responsibility for recyclables. In August 2019, the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks announced regulations to allow for Blue Box responsibility to transition from municipalities to producers. The County hopes to transition in 2023 or as early as reasonably possible. The County is currently procuring a new recyclables processing contract, to start June 1, 2020. The estimated financial impact of this contract, due to the above noted processing challenges and market uncertainties is an addition of approximately $636,000 to the 2020 draft County budget. Until such time that the Blue Box program transitions to full-producer responsibility, the County will continue to bear program costs.

Donation to Dufferin Oaks

Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home has received a very generous donation of $409,000.00. The donation of will enable Dufferin Oaks to make significant improvements to environments that will directly impact the day to day care of our residents. To ensure the best use of this donation, feedback from Dufferin Oaks’ stakeholders such as Family Council, Residents Council, Dufferin Oaks Committee of Management, families and staff will be sought to establish informed decisions and strategic planning. Several areas have already been identified as possible projects and include: renovation of the courtyard to provide an accessible, barrier free, safe area that all residents can access regardless of cognition levels and physical abilities and/or renovation of the dementia care unit and adoption of a Butterfly or similar model of care. It is anticipated that other possible projects will be identified through the consultative process.

10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan 5 Year Update

Council reviewed the 5 year update to the 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan.  In this five-year update of the plan, the County has the opportunity to shed light on ongoing challenges, revise goals and objectives, share a summary of progress made in the past five years, acknowledge the efforts of those contributing to successes and provide a brief snapshot of what is to come.
Please visit the following link to review the 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan:

2018/2019 Community Support Services Annual Report

During the 2018/19 operating year, Dufferin County Community Support Services supported 1,020 seniors and adults with disabilities. Due to the escalating need and demand, for community-based services in Dufferin County, it is anticipated that the client base will continue to grow.

Some of the Dufferin County Community Support programs include:
Bridging You Home - facilitates a smooth transition for seniors, from the acute care setting in hospital to their own homes. A total of 65 clients accessed the program during the year, receiving 7,228 hours of services.
Friendly Visiting - volunteers provide companionship to isolated seniors, disabled adults and persons with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, to reduce loneliness and provide a safety check. During the year, 5 individuals received 135 hours in visits.
Service Arrangement - matches eligible clients with individual service providers that offer home help, home maintenance and respite services. This year we helped match 188 clients.
Congregate Dining - each Tuesday at 5 pm, Congregate Dining is held at the Mel Lloyd Centre. During the year, 43 clients attended the program for a total of 1,175 meals served.
Meals on Wheels - hot and frozen meal programs offer nutritionally balanced meals delivered by volunteers. The Meals on Wheels program was utilized by 161 clients during the year. Overall we had a decrease of 8% in meals delivered, when compared to the previous year.
Assisted Living - available in Orangeville & Shelburne, daily assistance is provided to clients living in their own homes, available on a 24 hour basis, to help them with personal support, homemaking, security checks and care coordination. The Shelburne program provided services to 20 clients. This program is currently operating at capacity, with ten individuals on the waitlist. 24 clients accessed the Orangeville program during the 2018/19 fiscal year. This program is currently operating at capacity, with twenty-five individuals on the waitlist.
Transportation - volunteer drivers assist with rides for shopping and social activities & staff drivers provide escorted door to door transportation services for medical appointments. A total of 385 clients took 11,900 trips during the year. 
Adult Day Program - a daytime group environment of supervised activities, meals, and companionship. During the 2018/19 year, 62 clients attended the program for a total of 2,859 days.

You can see the full report on our website:

Service Review

Dufferin County will be entering into a contract with Optimus SBR to complete the Service Review. The Service Delivery Review has been divided into two parts: Part A - Shared Municipal Services/Resources (Project Team – CAO Working Group with oversight from Steering Committee (Council representatives from each municipality) and Part B - County Operations and Community/Human Services (Project Team – County Service review Team). 

The project is slated to begin later this month with the objective of meeting a number of milestones for both Parts A & B prior to the end of the year.
The first phase of the project will include planning meetings, kick of meetings, document gathering and a Stakeholder Consultation Plan that will include the County CAO, County senior staff, the local CAO working group and the County Service Review Team, as well as local municipal CAOs and Steering Committee Members. The second phase of the project involves the creation of in depth service profiles while the final phase will make recommendations for improvements.

Monthly updates will be provided to County Council as the project moves forward.

Budget Presentation

Treasurer Alan Selby presented Council with the 2020 draft budget at the November Council meeting. The next step is for Council to review the 2020 draft budget in detail at each standing committee meeting on November 28, 2019. Mr. Selby's presentation is available on Dufferin County's website: