New Routes: Dufferin County Outdoor Recreation Plan

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New Routes: Dufferin County Outdoor Recreation Plan
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County Council approved the outdoor recreation plan at its meeting on October 13, 2022.

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Dufferin County Forest

The Dufferin County Forest consists of fourteen tracts that together form a 1,066 hectare (2,636 acre) forested area owned and managed by the County of Dufferin. The Forest serves important functions in terms of erosion and water control, natural heritage protection, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and support of the rural economy through timber production and employment opportunities. 


Dufferin County Rail Trail

The Dufferin County Rail Trail is the 38.1 km Dufferin portion of the former rail corridor running from Orangeville, through Amaranth, Shelburne and Melancthon, to Dundalk.