Planning Applications


Dufferin County is the approval authority for local Official Plan Amendments, except for those for the Town of Orangeville and the Town of Mono (subject to conditions). By-Law 2015-16 contains detailed information on the conditions which Orangeville and Mono are exempt from the approval of the County.

Planning and Development Applications of County Interests:

  1. Zoning By-Law Amendment
  2. Draft Plans
  3. Consent
  4. Part-Lot Control
  5. Site Plan

Local Initiatives Potentially of County Interest:

  1. Minor Variance Applications
  2. Environmental Assessments
  3. Other Infrastructure

Current planning and development applications for which the County is the approval authority:

Planning Application Purpose Municipality Documents
Mulmur Official Plan Amendment No. 2 To provide a site-specific police with respect to section 6.1.7 of the Official Plan which permits one severance per original farm lot (40 ha) as a surplus dwelling lot, whereas the subject lands have both had previous severances exceeding the policy. Township of Mulmur

Notice of Adoption Package


The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) is the approval authority for all County Official Plan Amendments.

County Official Plan Amendment Applications

Planning Application Purpose Subject Lands Documents
County Official Plan Amendment No. 2 To expand the Urban Settlement Area boundary of the Town of Shelburne as identified on Schedules B and B1 to the County's Official Plan West Shelburne Main Street and 4th Line, Town of Shelburne Click here for Documents

For information on other applications and local initiatives, contact your local municipality