Ontario Invests in Agri-Food Research to Strengthen Sector

Aug 9th, 2021
By Britney Hope

The Ontario government is investing $7 million into agri-food research projects that will support greater environmentally friendly agricultural practices, protect livestock health and welfare, and stimulate economic growth within the agri-food sector and Ontario’s rural communities.

Through the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance Ontario is supporting advanced agri-food research in collaboration with the University of Guelph on projects that include:

  • Evaluating the ability of natural buffer strips to reduce the impact of agricultural practices on freshwater ecosystems, protecting water quality and biodiversity;
  • Studying the impact of using herbs instead of antibiotics to improve calf health, growth, and welfare;
  • Assessing the capacity of communities to respond to rural and agricultural issues and identify best practices;
  • Examining pests, diseases and weeds impacting Ontario crops, develop integrated pest management practices, and examine crop genetics to improve varieties and disease resistance;
  • Addressing pathways of common illnesses to improve the health of young animals and evaluating probiotics and alternative control measures.

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