About Dufferin Housing

Dufferin County Housing offers housing units in Shelburne, Grand Valley, and Orangeville.

housing building

We have a variety of units for Seniors, Singles, and Families. Various rent options are also available.

  • Rent Geared to Income (RGI) units
  • Affordable rent units
  • Market rent units
  • Rent Supplement units
  • Co-operative Housing Complexes
  • Non-Profit Housing Complexes

Dufferin County Housing works with Co-operatives (co-op), Non-profits, and private landlords in Dufferin County to provide affordable housing.

Co-op Housing: Co-ops provide non-profit housing with security of tenure in good quality housing. As a member of a Co-op, you have the right and responsibility to take an active part in the decision making. Decisions are made in General Members Meetings, which members are expected to attend.

Non-Profit Housing: Community-based, affordable rental housing provided by non-profit corporations, overseen by a volunteer board of directors. A percentage of these tenants pay rents geared to their incomes (known as rent-geared-to-income housing), and the remaining pay market rents.

Rent Supplement Housing:  Provides affordable housing with RGI rent.  This is delivered through community partnerships with private sector landlords.  The normal landlord/tenant relationship exists and the landlord is responsible for such things as rent collection, maintenance, repairs and services that exist with all tenants in the building.

To apply to become a rent supplement landlord please contact Dufferin County Housing at communityservicesinfo@dufferincounty.ca.