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2019/2020 Current Waste Guide

This is the current waste guide and covers from May 2019 to April 2020.

2019/2020 Waste Collection Calendar printable

Waste Collection Calendar for May 2019 - April 2020.

Waste Services
Adopt-a-Road Program Application

Return this completed form to the Public Works Department.

Roads & Infrastructure
Agent Authorization Form

If you, as the property owner, intend to have others act on your behalf during the building permit process, the Agent Authorization form must be completed. 



Building Services
Annual Permit to Move Excess Loads

Valid for the calendar year

Roads & Infrastructure
Bag Limit Exemption for Children in Diapers

The County provides additional bag tags for families with two or more children under the age of four who use diapers.

Waste Services
Bag Limit Exemption for Medical Reasons

The County provides additional tags to be used for extra garbage due to medical reasons. 

Waste Services
Bag Limit Exemption for Multiple Unit Properties

The County provides additional bag tags to property owners with registered apartments.

Waste Services
Bill Hill Scholarship Program

Submit this application if you are an eligible student.

Building Permit Application

Application for a permit to construct or demolish

Building Services