General Information

girl walking on trail

The Dufferin County Forest is a 1,066 hectare (2,636 acre) forested area divided into 14 tracts located throughout the County.  Each of the County Forest tracts has its own special features.  Of particular note are:

Main Tract

  • Largest of the County Forest Tracts
  • Extensive system of recreational trails
  • Interpretive trail with fourteen stops describing forest management in the Dufferin County Forest
  • Large variety of tree species, including red pine, white pine, white spruce, sugar maple, white ash, beech, red oak, ironwood, butternut and many others
  • Habitat for many different animals including white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, wild turkeys porcupine and a variety of songbirds
  • Provincially recognized "Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, the Oak Ridges South Slope Forest"

Randwick Tract

  • Second largest of the County forest tracts
  • Dominated by red pine plantations which are gradually succeeding to tolerant hardwoods such as sugar maple, white ash and beech
  • Extensive trail system for recreational activities

Little Tract

  • Two kilometre interpretive trail with nine stops describing general forest facts
  • Only a small portion has been logged since the County purchase it in 1971
  • Has been designated as "natural forest" which means no resource extraction and only low impact recreation, allowing the existing forest to continue natural development toward "old growth"
  • A sawmill existed beside the creek and the clearing near Airport Road had homes for loggers in 1870

Mono Tract

  • Third largest of the County Forest tracts
  • Tree cover includes red pine and white spruce plantations
  • Two major trails run in an east-west direction through the tract
  • Adjacent to Mono Cliffs Park a provincial park located on the Niagara Escarpment

Riverview and Melancthon Tracts

  • Both tracts are mostly made up of provincially recognized wetlands
  • Some trails for recreational activities and wetland exploration
  • Wildlife includes beavers, raccoons, bullfrogs, muskrats, white-tailed deer, and numerous species of waterfowl