Grand Valley

Population: 2,596

Land Area: 158.23 km squared (39,099.48 acres)

Grand Valley Downtown

Grand Valley Location Map

The Town of Grand Valley had several names including Little Toronto, Village of Manasseh, and Luther Village, finally becoming known as Grand Valley. It incorporated, independent of the Township of East Luther, in 1897. The Township of East Luther, including the Village of Grand Valley, remained part of Wellington County until the 1st of January, 1883.

Council 2022-2026 - County Representatives

  • Mayor Steve Soloman
  • Deputy Mayor Philip Rentsch

Fun Fact!

The village of Grand Valley was initially settled in 1855 when the George Joyce family built a log house, a barn, and later a tavern. In 1860, the first post office was established with resident Sam Stuckey as the first postmaster. That same year, the first Municipal Council was also created. By 1869, the village had grown to fifteen residents and nine buildings. By 1870, the first store had opened.

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5 Main Street North, Grand Valley, ON L9W 5S6