Research and Planning

Dufferin County Children’s Services is the system manager for, and leads planning of, early years and child care services in Dufferin.

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Children’s Services also plays a key role in providing internal and external data and research to assist in informing the planning processes of the County and other community service providers serving children in Dufferin.

To learn about the health and well-being of children in our communities: Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Report Cards on the Well-Being of Children

Do you need more information or have questions about Children's Services research? Please contact Dufferin County Children’s Services Data Analysis Coordinator (DAC) with any inquiries at 


To access Dufferin County's current services plan for Children’s Services, please click here 

Dufferin County Children’s Services takes a leadership role in Dufferin Coalition for Kids, a partnership of local service providers that work and plan together. Our goal is to make it easier for families to access community-based services for children from prenatal to age 18 within the county.

Do you need more information or have questions about planning? Please contact the Dufferin County Children’s Services Manager with any inquiries.