Child Care Fee Subsidy

Dufferin County offers a Child Care Fee Subsidy to eligible families who have children between 0 - 12 years of age.

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Eligible situations: Parents/Guardians must be working, or attending an approved education program, or fulfilling a participation agreement with Ontario Works, or be in receipt of a referral from a Community Agency or appropriate medical professional (see below for Recognized Needs Referral Form). Eligibility for Child Care Fee Subsidy is based on both income and eligible hours of care.

The Income Test is based on the income of the applicant as reported on their Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment. Assets, debts and living expenses are not considered under the Income Test.

How do I apply for Child Care Fee Subsidy?

1. Complete the Fee Subsidy Intake Form found below either electronically or by printing it out.  

2. Return the completed form with all required documents to the Community Services Office or the Shelburne Employment Resource Centre. Electronic applications are also accepted at

3.  You will be contacted by phone and asked to attend a verification interview. Note that there may or may not be a wait time required to schedule the interview.

4.  During your verification interview, a Community Services Worker will determine if you are eligible for Child Care Fee Subsidy in Dufferin County. The Community Services Worker will discuss how much the Child Care Fee Subsidy Program will pay to the child care provider.

5.  Child Care Fee Subsidy clients may be required to attend an office appointment every six months to update and review eligibility requirements.

*Please ensure you notify your Community Services Worker immediately if your address or telephone number changes. For more information, please contact us at 519.941.6991 ext. 2223 or

The Community Services Office is located at 30 Centre St, Orangeville.

The Shelburne Employment Resource Centre is located at the Mel Lloyd Centre, Entrance E, 167 Centre St, Shelburne. 

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