Building Inspector - Permanent Full Time

Reporting to the Chief Building Official (CBO), the Building Inspector is responsible for the administration and enforcement of provincial statutes and regulations applying to properties, including buildings, structures, and their occupancy under their areas of responsibility, including but not limited to the Building Code Act, and the Building Code.

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What you’ll do

  • Conduct site inspections in relation to issued permits to ensure the construction, use and condition is in conformity with approved drawings, applicable statutes, regulations, and by-laws
  • Inform permit applicants, design consultants, construction professionals, builders, property owners or project managers as necessary of any discrepancies discovered during site inspection and request all necessary changes to plans
  • Respond to complaints and inspect properties to ensure their use and condition is in conformity with applicable statutes, regulations, and by-laws
  • Write and issue orders as appropriate when a contravention is found and follow up as may be necessary.  Report findings to the Chief Building Official for review and direction.
  • Interpret and explain procedures of inspections and give verbal and written approvals for various stages of construction as completed
  • Post issued orders on site and ensure appropriate mailing procedures for the same have been followed
  • Review approved plans for on-site inspection purposes
  • Respond to written and verbal inquiries with respect to construction under areas of responsibility and issue certificates of compliance or non-compliance
  • Prepare and maintain data and records, both written and electronic, concerning all investigations, inspections, plan examinations and enforcement activities in a clear and concise manner consistent with the requirements of pertinent legislation, regulations, and by-laws of the Corporation
  • Other duties as assigned.
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