Open Data

Dufferin County is committed to excellence as a municipal government. As part of this commitment, Dufferin County is exploring new ways to integrate collaborative technology in order to improve community engagement, enhance operational efficiency, and promote the concept of a more transparent government.

Open Data

Open Data Portal

We encourage people to use the data and to develop new applications that will offer exciting new services to others.

In time, the datasets offered will be expanded. It is hoped that the public will help us in identifying what data they would like to have available. (Note that anything of a personal, privacy, security, or copyrighted nature will not be included)

To request an Open Data dataset, please email or visit the Open Data Portal below!

If you download data from our Open Data portal, please fill out our survey and let us know how we can improve our Open Data program!

Note: By downloading and/or using the data, you are agreeing to the Dufferin County Open Data Terms of Use.