A deposit will be required at the time of submission.  This deposit is a partial payment of the permit fee, and will be deducted from the total cost of the permit once it has been reviewed and issued by Building Services.

Description Deposit Amount
New Dwellings $500
Additions & Renovations $150
Decks, Sheds, Garages $150

The following fees are full permit fees that are collected at the time of application:

Description Fee Amount
New/Replacement Septic System (Residential) $540
New/Replacement Septic System (Commercial, Industrial, Institutional)  $940
Replace Septic Tank Only $225
Alter or Replace Septic Tile Bed Only $390

*The minimum permit fee and minimum deposit for all permits is $150. For minor alterations where square footage is not applicable, the cost is $220.

The balance of the permit fees and any applicable Development Charges will be due at the time of permit issuance.

Methods of Payment

  • Dufferin County can accept debit, VISA, MasterCard, or cheque
  • We can accept cash only if you have exact change.
  • Development Charges must be paid by cheque.

Residential Permit Fees

Description 17¢ sq. ft. 32¢ sq. ft. 84¢ sq. ft. $150 flat $180 flat $220 flat $225 flat $390 flat $540 flat
Dwelling Unit                
Septic Systems                
Det. Garages/Shed/Decks                
Interior Renovations                
Interior Partitioning                
Temporary Structures                
Demolitions - Dwellings                
Demolitions - Outbuildings                
Pool Enclosures                
Septic - Tank Only                
Septic - Minor Repair                
Change of Use                
Roof Mounted Solar Panels                
Met Towers                
Relocate Dwelling                
Septic Suitability Letter                
Special Inspections                

Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Permit Fees

Description 32¢ sq. ft. 51¢ sq. ft. $150 flat $220 flat $450 flat $940 flat $3,645 flat
Complete Buildings            
Septic - Class 4 & 5            
Buildings - Shells Only            
Interior Renovations            
Portable Classrooms            
Wind Turbines            
Change of Use            

Agricultural Permit Fees

Description 17¢ sq. ft. $150 flat $220 flat $540 flat
Farm Buildings      
Grain Bins      
Septic System      

Development Charges

County-Wide Charges

Residential (per unit)

Single & Semi-Detached

Residential (per unit)


Residential (per unit)



(per square meter of gross floor area)

Service Component - Roads & Bridges

$895.00 $716.00 $406.00 $4.82
Service Component - Other $2,603.00 $2,082.00 $1,180.00 $3.46
County-Wide Total $3,498.00 $2,798.00 $1,586.00 $8.28

The County also collects $1,132.00 per unit in development charges on behalf of the Upper Grand District School Board.

For a copy of the Development Charges Background Study, please click here.