Addiction Services Initiative

Dufferin County Ontario Works is pleased to announce the re-launch of the Addiction Services Initiative (ASI) Program through the Ministry of Children and Community Services.

Far too often, those suffering from substance abuse are too ashamed to ask for help. Staff at Ontario Works want our clients to feel safe in disclosing substance abuse problems that prevent them from finding and/or keeping employment.

In conjunction with the Stop Overdose BC campaign, launched by the British Columbia Ministry of Mental Health & Addictions, Dufferin County has launched the People Who Use Drugs Are Real People campaign. This is an anti-stigma campaign designed to put a real face on the problem of addiction.

Addition Services initiative campaign poster

The Addiction Services Initiative provides wrap around support to clients who either self-disclose or are identified by their Community Services Worker (CSW) as having a substance abuse problem. Once a client has reached a “Contemplative State of Change”, the ASI CSW will work closely with them to ensure the proper referrals are in place to guide them through their recovery journey.

Ontario Works recipients can contact their Ontario Works CSW directly at 519.941.6991 for a referral to the ASI CSW. Those not in receipt of assistance will be referred to other agencies and services that can provide support.

Click here to download the campaign poster.

No one is immune from this devastating disease. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.