Community Advisory Board

Dufferin County is one of the designated communities where the Federal Government has made a commitment to maintain annual funding for housing and homelessness through Reaching Home (RH). RH funds are invested in projects that support the community priorities identified in the plan.

Community Advisory Board

Dufferin County is served by a Community Advisory Board (CAB).  This steering committee is made up of a range of partners from the public, not-for-profit and private sectors. These partners work together to develop plans for ending homelessness in Dufferin County.  The Community Plan priority is: “To reduce homelessness through a Housing First approach.”

Housing First focuses on moving people who are experiencing chronic and episodic homelessness, as rapidly as possible from the street or emergency shelter into permanent housing, with supports that vary according to client need.

In 2016, the CAB voted to join to 20,000 Homes campaign and have since conducted 2 homelessness county in Dufferin County.

Reports and Resources:

The County of Dufferin is implementing Coordinated Access.  Coordinated Access (CA) is a way for communities to design, streamline, and bring consistency to the process by which people experiencing homelessness access housing and services.  Coordinated Access uses a By-Name List which is a real-time list of all people experiencing homelessness in our community.

If you are experiencing Homelessness, please contact the County of Dufferin at 519.941.6991 x 2110