Install a Rain Barrel

Install a rain barrel to collect rain and snowmelt to decrease the amount of water absorbed by the ground around your home. 

A rain barrel sits next to a home with a cover and extender.

You can save harvested precipitation for times of drought or extreme heat. Collected water can help you maintain your garden, lawn, or provide a source of drinking and bathing water to local birds and wildlife without putting stress on the water table. 

If you live in a provincial Source Water Protection Area, rain harvesting is especially beneficial for preventing and alleviating drought since these areas require us to be much more careful about water consumption. 

When installing a rain barrel, make sure it has an overflow discharge pipe that releases water at least 1.8m (6') away from your foundation. Always keep your rain barrel and water diverter clear of debris. Inspect it for cracks and leaks, making repairs when necessary. Always drain your rain barrel before winter. 

Residents in the Town of Orangeville can purchase a rain barrel for $45. Call 519-941-0440 to coordinate a pick-up.