Form Centre

Title Description Service
Statement of Income Card and Changes Report

Form for Statement of Income and Changes Report

Income and Employment Support
Tenant Complaint Form

Tenants may make a complaint to Housing Services.

Housing Services
Vehicle Registration Form

Vehicle registration form and parking lot assignment

Housing Services
Vial of Life

The Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. The Vial contains important medical information that can assist in the event of a medical emergency.

Paramedic Services
Waste Collection Rebate for Condominums

Dufferin County provides rebates toward the cost of private waste collection for a residential condominium corporation.

Waste Services
Weed Control Program

Dufferin County acts on behalf of the municipalities of Amaranth, East Garafraxa, Grand Valley, Melancthon, Mono, Mulmur, and Shelburne in controlling noxious weeds.

Building Services