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Title Description Service
Homelessness Prevention Program Application

Application package for Homelessness Prevention Program

Housing Services
Homeownership Annual Review

Annual Review and Acknowledgement Form for the Homeownership Program

Housing Services
Homeownership Application

Application package for Homeownership Program

Housing Services
Housing Access Dufferin Annual Information Update

This form is to be completed annually by all households currently on the waiting list for affordable or rent geared-to-income housing.

Housing Services
Housing Access Dufferin Application

Application for Affordable and Rent Geared-to-Income Housing

Housing Services
Housing Access Dufferin Request for Internal Review

Use this form if you would like to appeal certain decisions made by Housing Access Dufferin.

Housing Services
Hunting Permit Application

To apply for a hunting permit by mail or in person, complete this form and submit it along with the application fee.

Lot Suitability Application

Application for a Lot Suitability inspection

Building Services
McKelvie Burnside Village Application Form

Application form for McKelvie Burnside Village Supportive Housing

Community Support
McKelvie Burnside Village Detailed Monthly Income Form

The Detailed Monthly Income and Assets form is for those applying for a reduced rate on apartment rental at McKelvie Burnside Village

Community Support