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Donation Form

If you would like to make a donation to the County of Dufferin (including Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home), please complete the Donation Form.

Emergency Child Care Application

Emergency child care application for eligible workers who have no other alternative care.

Children's Services
Emergency Number Application

If you live in rural Dufferin, you must apply for a civic address (as known as an emergency number).

Roads & Infrastructure
Energy Efficiency Design Summary - Performance

Energy Efficiency Design Summary - Performance

Building Services
Energy Efficiency Design Summary - Prescriptive

Energy Efficiency Design Summary - Prescriptive 

Building Services
Entrance Permits & Opinions

An Entrance Permit is required if you are constructing a new entrance or changing an existing entrance.

Roads & Infrastructure
Family Information Assessment Form

To be completed by applicant/family prior to admission meeting for new residents.

Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home
Freedom of Information Request Form

To make a freedom of information request, complete this form and submit with your $5 application fee. 

Friends of the Dufferin County Forest Application

If you are interested in joining the Friends of the Forest, please complete this application.

Homelessness Prevention Program Application

Application package for Homelessness Prevention Program

Housing Services