A couch, fake tree, and side table float in a house flood

A changing climate means your risk of home flooding is rising. 

heavy rain drops falling on city asphalt during downpour


The average basement flood costs $43,000 to repair, but you can take basic flood prevention measures for only $250. 

Before a Flood

Home flood protection is easier than you think. 

By maintaining and improving the stormwater collection systems inside and outside your home, you can reduce the risk that you and your community will experience flooding in your home and neighbourhood.

*Note: Not all actions will be applicable to each home. Completing these steps does not guarantee the prevention of basement flooding.

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Home Flood Protection is just a click away

Complete the Home Flood Protection Check-Up for an easy-to-use risk assessment tool and receive a confidential report that will help you reduce your flood risk.

Prepare for a Flood

Even with these flood prevention measures in place, you should be ready and able to respond quickly during a flood event.

Flood Protection Sandbags with flooded homes in the background

Visit Dufferin’s Emergency Preparedness Page

Dufferin is rising to the challenge

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