What is the Procurement Department responsible for?

We are responsible for the complete end to end competitive bid process, vendor performance evaluations and contract negotiations.  All purchases in excess of $100,000 are reported to County Council.

We are governed by the County's Purchasing By-law, which is the policy that dictates the processes required for spending public funds. The Purchasing By-Law is updated every five years. All amendments to the by-law require County Council approval.

Accessible Customer Service Training Requirements - For Contractors, Consultants, and Service Providers

All contractors performing work for the County must comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act (AODA), 2005, in particular the Integrated Accessibility Standards, O. Reg. 191/11.

Without limitation, all contractors performing work for the County shall maintain training records with respect to all accessibility standards training provided as prescribed in the Regulations under the AODA and in the Human Rights Code, including dates when training is provided, the number of personnel who received training, and individual training records.

Contractors shall submit to the County, if requested, documentation describing their accessibility training policies, practices and procedures, and a summary of the contents of training, together with a record of the dates on which training is provided and the number of attendees.

Unless determined by the County to not be practicable, contractors shall ensure that any information, products, deliverables and/or communication (as defined in the Integrated Regulation), including future updates, produced pursuant to a Contract shall be in conformity with World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA and shall be provided in accessible Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or other electronic format.

Asset Disposal 

If you have any questions, please contact our Procurement Manager 519.941.2816 ext. 2806 or via email at purchasing@dufferincounty.ca.

To see all bids submitted, please visit our Bids and Tenders Website.

2018-Present Awarded Bids/Tenders

Bid Number Bid Name Company

Contract Value

(No tax)

T2020 DO-20-04 Supply and Installation of Boiler HVAC System at Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home FXD Performance Contracting Inc. $302,373
Q2020 PW-20-02 Supply and Installation of Pickup Truck MacMaster Buick GMC $36,109
RFQ2020-ED-20-02 Meat Processing Feasibility Study Mallot Creek Group Inc. $49,600
T2020-PW-20-17 Supply and Delivery of Fuel - Co-op Arthur's Fuel lnc. $265,000 (2 years)
T2020-FA-20-07 Snow Plowing and Snow Removal ROA Inc. $515,212.48 (2 years)
T2020-PW-20-16 Supply and Installation of Guide Rails Peninsula Construction Inc. $135,025
T2020-PW-20-14 Salt Hauling - Delivery Autopayment Inc. $249,900 (2 years)
T2020-PS-20-01 Supply and Delivery of Panasonic Toughbooks Interdev Technology Inc.  
RFP2020-PW-20-12 Engineering Services for Design, Tender Documents and Contract Administration for Rehabilitation/Replacement of 6 Structures S. Burnett and Associations Inc. $104,468.94
T2020-PW-20-11 Supply Highway Course Road Salt Compass Minerals Canada Corp $3,415,538.00
T2020-PW-20-09 Supply and Load Various Granular Materials Strada Aggregates $635,794.50
T2020-FA-20-02 Flat Roof Replacement - Various Locations ED Roofing Inc. $642,529.20
T2020-PW-20-06 Rehabilitation of Bridge 999-9993 Jarlian Construction Inc. $272,934.55
T2020-PW-20-05 Rehabilitation of 035-0030 Jarlian Construction Inc. $153,832.55
T2020-FA-20-01 General Restorative Work Part 2 Clifford Restoration Limited  
T2020-CF-20-01 Professional Surveyors JD Barnes $57,000
T2020-DO-20-01 Sprinkler System Retrofit Cancelled  
T2020-PW-20-01 Resurfacing of Dufferin County Roads 3 & 12, Marsville Storm Sewer Repair Cox Construction Ltd. $3,101,741.82
T2020-PW-20-04 Rehabilitation of Bridges 004-0062 & 004-0064 Lancoa Construction Inc. $1,114,447.30
T2020-PW-20-03 Rehabilitation of Bridge 004-0038 2220742 Ontario Ltd o/a Bronte Construction $744,308.40
T2020-PW-20-02 Purchase of Snow Plows B & I Complete Truck Centre $933, 594
SQ2019-FA-19-05 General Restoration Work for Mansonry and Roof Repairs Ultimate Construction Inc., Roof Tile Management Inc., Clifford Restoration Limited  
SQ2019-ED-19-01 Fabrication & Installation of Signs WSI Sign Systems Ltd., Everest Signs, Signarama, Sunset Signs  
T2019-PW-19-20 Sale of Wheel Loader Medulla Waste and Recycling Corp. $102,000
Q2019-DO-19-04 Landscape Consulting Stempski Kelly Associates Inc. $10,000
R2019-WS-19-05 Processing & Marketing of Recyclable Material Halton Recylcing Ltd. (Emterra Enviornmental) $2,561,592 (Processing costs only)
R2019-WS-19-04 Source Separated Organic Material Processing Services Renewi Canada Ltd, WTT Services North America Inc, WTT Waste Treatment Technologies Canada Ltd, Circular Waste British Columbia Inc $1,368,000
R2019-AD-19-03 Consultant for Service Delivery Review Optimus SBR Inc $264,750 (Funded from subsidy)
T2019-PW-19-18 Dufferin County Storm Sewer Outlet Unique Builders Inc $231,052
T2019-PW-18-11 Hauling of Road Salt (Contract Extension) Megtay Solutions $109,757.73
T2019-PW-19-17 Purchase of Sign Truck Body Eloquip Ltd $48,397.06
T2019-PW-19-15 Crack Sealing Northern Contracting & Maintenance $101,648.78
T2019-PW-19-13 Purchase of one landscape truck Oxford Dodge Chrysler (1991) Ltd $70,960.30
T2019-PW-19-14 Purchase of one articulated loader Nortrax Canada Inc $234,682.98
T2019-PW-19-12 Supply of Materials & Disposal for Dufferin Road 21 Strada Aggregates $351,291.88
T2019-DO-19-03 Reconstruction of Mill Street (Dufferin Oaks) Parking Lot & Curbs Cox Construction $233,431.30
R2019-DO-19-01 Scheduling & Attendance Software Staff Scheduling Care $48,643.32
ITT-PW-17-12 Supply of Highway Coarse Road Salt for 2019/2020 Season (Contract Extension) Compass Minerals Canada Corp $768,823.00
R2019-PW-19-10 Engineering Services for Design, Tender Documents & Contract Administration for Rehabilitation/Replacement of 6 Structures GM Blue Plan Engineering Ltd $204,746.44
R2019-TR-19-02 Audit Services BDO Canada LLP $159,315.06
T2019-PW-19-08 Line Painting Services Midwestern Line Striping Inc $216,474.05
T2019-PW-19-05 Replace Extra T Beam Nuroad Construction Ltd $649,952.31
T2019-PW-19-06 Purchase of Trucks Trillium Ford Lincoln Ltd $73,188.77
T2019-PW-19-04 Relining of Humber Culvert (004-0148) CR18 Maackon Corporation $1,176,345.60
T2019-PW-19-03 Rehabilitation of Culverts CR5 & CR3 Jarlian Construction $290,758.85
T2019-PW-19-01 Resurfacing of Dufferin County Road 17 & 21 Cox Construction Ltd $3,126,542.68
R2019-WS-19-02 Collection of Electronic Waste Days Ontario Electronic Stewardship  
R2019-WS-19-01 Collections Services for Household Hazardous Waste Days EnviroSystems Inc. $106,904.91
R2019-TR-19-01 Needs Assessment Pecunia House Consulting Inc $61,600
T2019-PW-19-02 Resurfacing Dufferin Roads 10, 16 & 23 Cox Construction Ltd $2,799,826.02
R2018-DO-18-04 Physiotherapy & Exercise Services Arvan Rehab Group  
T2018-PW-18-16 Purchase of Snow Plow BI & I Complete Truck Centre $336,293.09
T2018-PW-18-15 Purchase of four Mobil Column Lifts Ideal Supply Inc $66,218
R2018-BD-18-06 Elevator Service & Maintenance Delta Elevator Co Ltd $171,900
R2018-BD-18-05 Building Permitting & Inspection Software N. Harris Computer Corp (CityView Division) $631,731.50
T2018-DO-18-03 Removal & Replacement of HVAC Wellington Plumbing & Heating Ltd $303,970
T2018-CF-18-02 Sale of Red & White Pine Timber Maurice Miller Lumber $20,001
T2018-CF-18-03 Sale of Red & White Pine & Norway Spruce Timber 609319 Ontario Inc $48,228.40
T2018-PW-18-12 109 SAR Asphalt Patches IPAC Paving Ltd $110,785.20
T2018-PW-18-12 Supply of Granular Materials Strada Aggregates $376,431.25
T2018-PW-18-11 Hauling of Road Salt 1837525 Ontario Inc $107,870
R2018-WS-18-01 Waste Audits AET Group Inc  
T2018-PW-18-09 Purchase of Tractor Connect Equipment $262,250
R2018-AD-19-02 Market Survey ML Consulting $37,390
R2018-AD-18-01 Age Friendly Needs Assessment & Plan urbanMetrics Inc $43,710
T2018-PW-18-10 Line Painting Precision Markings Inc $210,483
T2018-BD-18-04 Purchase of Appliances TA Appliance $79,244.64
R2018-DO-18-02 RFP for Pharmacy Services Classic Care Pharmacy, Division of Centric Health Highest scoring proposal
T2018-PW-18-08 Purchase of one 2018 or newer one ton cab & chassis, dual wheel truck Trillium Ford Lincoln Ltd $51,108
RFP PW-18-05 Engineering Services for OSIM GHD Limited  
RFP PW-18-06 Bridge Design & Contract Admin RJ Burnside & Associates Ltd $199,671
T2018-PW-18-04 Replacement of Culverts 004-0167 & 004-0168 2220742 Ontario Ltd o/a Bronte Construction $1,357,131.40
RFT DO-18-01 Dufferin Oaks Interior Painting Northeast General Contracting Ltd $30,058
T2018-PW-18-02 Resurfacing of Dufferin Road 23 & 109 Cox Construction Ltd $2,280,678.90
T2018-PW-18-01 Resurfacing of Dufferin Road 9, 11 & 17 Cox Construction Ltd $3,016,882.43
T2018-PW-18-03 Rehabilitation of Bridges 004-0115 & 004-0067 MTM-2 Contracting Inc $628,556
BD-18-01 Purchase of 1/2 Ton Trucks 709226 Ontario Ltd $135,600
IT-18-01 Digital Ortho-Photography Acquisition Project J.D. Barnes Ltd $24,994