The budget is the financial plan that directs the flow of funds to programs and services in Dufferin County. Each year the County prepares a four year plan with the annual budget being approved by County Council.

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The budget incorporates all expenses anticipated within the year including all costs and revenues required to support the programs and services we provide. From road maintenance, internet and office supplies, to program specific costs that support Social Housing, Dufferin Oaks and the Museum of Dufferin to name a few. It also includes contributions to our capital asset fund.

The capital asset fund looks at all of the County assets including roads and bridges, vehicles and equipment, as well as buildings and their components. We look at our assets from a life-cycle costing viewpoint to determine when they will need to be replaced and the cost to do so. We spread the cost of replacing the asset over its life to ensure sufficient funds are available when it is ready for replacement.

2022 Budget
2021 Budget