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Apply for Funding

Submit your application for funding by Friday February 23, 2024

Dufferin County invites farmers to apply to the 2024 Experimental Acres Program by Friday February 23, 2024.

Experimental Acres provides Dufferin farmers with educational and financial support to de-risk new practices that improve yield, soil health, carbon sequestration, and overall sustainability. The program is intended to champion farmer-led discovery, with small-scale experimentation that can link to larger funding opportunities.

Farmer-created projects will be supported through 3 Experimental Acres funding streams:

Living Roots and Green Cover (up to $1,000 in funding available):

Maintaining soil cover helps reduce soil erosion from wind and precipitation. Example practices include cover cropping, intercropping and introducing new crops into the rotation.

Innovation (up to $2,000 in funding available):

The innovation stream is for projects that can benefit soil health and do not fit into other categories. Example practices include tarping to reduce tillage intensity, winter crop rotation, and planting tall grass prairie.

Integrating Animals on the Farm (up to $3,000 in funding available):

Integrating animals on the farm can have many benefits to soil health and promote carbon storage in cropland soil. Example practices include rotational grazing, silvopasture, and bale grazing.

Why Participate?

The 2024 Experimental Acres Program is delivered by Grey County Agricultural Services. Successful applicants can expect to receive:

• Open communication about site monitoring visits and procedures taking place
• Sharing of data collected from your farm with you (for example, soil tests, monitoring protocol results)
• Prompt reimbursement of costs associated with Experimental Acres project once receipts are submitted
• Support in soil testing and result analysis
• Information about related events and programmes

A group of municipal staff and farmers stand chatting in field during a site visit

At the heart of Experimental Acres is the principle that ‘farmers know their land best’.

We know that prescriptive practices don’t work for everyone. Through this program we center farmer-created projects and cultivate individual pathways towards best practice adoption.