What are entry jobs really about? Wind Turbine Technician Edition

Tuesday June 22, 2021 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm


A woman in a blue helmet and a wind turbine. Details of the event.
  • What are the career opportunities in Wind Energy?
  • What are entry level jobs about?
  • This is your opportunity to actively contribute to clean energy.

Find out what it’s really like to work in this industry.

WWD's Youth-Employer Event series is back with a bonus event for you showcasing a career in the Renewable Energy Sector. Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin has partnered with Cambridge Career Connections to bring this great opportunity to you!

This event is a little different from the regular format. This time WWD will be talking about a career of a Wind Turbine Technician! Our guest employer is currently hiring for this wonderful entry-level role. Why is this career for you? Let’s see:

  1. You will be working in a future-proof industry which is environment-friendly and you will be making a difference in energy sector and the community.
  2. You do not need special training. The employer will train on the job those candidates who are a great fit and are willing to commit to this opportunity. However, if you do have training it is your competitive advantage.
  3. We know that there is a shortage of Wind Turbine technician so you will be getting a job in demand.
  4. Wind turbine technician role can lead you to other exciting career opportunities
  5. There are possibilities to transition to work in US
  6. You will get an opportunity to talk directly to the professionals working in the field
  7. WWD partners, Cambridge Career Connections, can help you get ready for the job and, most importantly, help you get this job!

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