Ready to Re-Open inDufferin: Register Your Business

In an effort to help both businesses and the general public connect to the most current information and to encourage consumer confidence, Dufferin County has launched the Ready to Re-Open inDufferin recognition program available at no cost to all businesses within Dufferin County.

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Business owners can assign a representative to participate on behalf of the business. This could include supervisors, floor managers, HR, etc.

How does a business participate in Ready to Re-Open inDufferin?

  1. Register for and participate in one Ready to Re-Open inDufferin webinar (1-hour session).
  2. Read the Ready to Re-Open inDufferin Toolkit and the sector-specific guidance documents (see below).
  3. After completing steps 1 and 2, fill out a Ready to Re-Open inDufferin pledge form to self-commit to implementing the recommendations from the program, and any new updates provided, to the best of your ability in order to help make your business as safe as possible for your staff and clients/customers.
  4. Promote your business as a recognized Ready to Re-Open inDufferin.

How does the public know a business is recognized under Ready to Re-Open inDufferin?

After successfully completing the Ready to Re-Open inDufferin program, businesses will:

  • Display a Ready to Re-Open inDufferin window decal and pledge poster in their storefront windows;
  • Be featured in local marketing campaign;
  • Have access to the Ready to Re-Open inDufferin logo to use on their websites and other promotional materials.
  • Ready to Re-Open inDufferin is not a certification or inspection program
  • Neither the County nor its program partners can guarantee any level of safety or adherence to guidelines at participating businesses
  • The aim of the program is to connect consumers to businesses that have self-committed to implementing best practices for their industry as the economy re-opens


As Ontario begins to re-open the economy, we encourage all Dufferin County businesses to review sector-specific guidelines. Updated regularly.

These Businesses are Ready to Re-Open!