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SWIFT logoThe SWIFT Network is intended to enhance the prosperity and overall wellbeing of communities within the Region by subsidizing private Telecom Service Providers’ (TSPs) network infrastructure costs so they may provide service to residents, businesses, public service organizations, First Nations and other user groups and ultimately provide equitable access to ubiquitous fibre optic structure.

Initial costs of the project are estimated at $269 Million which will be funded by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario in the amount of $180 Million, a series of counties and municipalities who have collectively committed to fund $12.8 million of the initial costs; the Niagara Region, Town of Caledon and City of Orillia will fund an additional $5.2 Million; and remaining initial costs covered by TSPS.

Recently SWIFT announced the procurement of three projects: Norfolk, Wellington and Lambton, with construction expected to commence in 2020. Phase 2 of the project has a shortfall of $6 million, and SWIFT is seeking short-term credit from members. The remaining projects will be approved based on the success of pilot projects. 

Join In Dufferin

Join In Dufferin logoJoin In Dufferin is the County of Dufferin’s online engagement platform. The site allows people to participate in various projects that are happening in the community. At the same time, it allows us to understand any concerns being raised and encourages communication in an open, informal and welcoming environment.

Agriculture Advisory Group

The Economic Development function at Dufferin County have recently announced the launch of the Agriculture Advisory Group. This group provides coordination of and communication between organizations providing an agriculture function. The Agriculture Advisory Group acts as the voice of the agricultural community at the Dufferin County table. The Agricultural Advisory Group will have the opportunity to provide comments from an agricultural lens on new policy or existing issues that may have impact on the agriculture industry within Dufferin County. In one of the fastest growing areas in Ontario, Dufferin County strives to ensure that the agriculture industry continues to not only be supported but flourish amidst rapid population growth.

Business Retention + Expansion Project: Professional, Scientific and Technological Sector

Dufferin County, the Town of Orangeville and the Town of Shelburne recently completed a PST BR+E for the entire County. The report is attached below and staff have started working on their respective Action Plans.  

Commute Ontario

Commute Ontario ImageDufferin County has partnered with Commute Ontario to help in their goal to reduce 20,000,000 KM of vehicle travel in the province of Ontario by 2021.

This initiative aims to encourage commuters to try sustainable, healthy travel options. 

View the attached PDF for more information, or visit the Commute Ontario website. 

Food for Thought: Growing Business InDufferin

Landscape with combine driving across fieldDufferin County recently conducted an Agriculture and Food Business Retention and Expansion project. Staff visited 164 businesses over the course of five months in an effort to get a sense of the existing business climate in Dufferin County as it pertains to Agriculture and Food. The data has been compiled into a final report, and staff are now working on implementing the Agriculture and Food Action Plan.

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