Reaching In...Reaching Out (RIRO)

Reaching In… Reaching Out (RIRO) Resiliency training is going to be offered Fall 2023/Winter 2024!

If you are interested in the training, please complete the following form with your preferences for scheduling (day, time, and format):



Do you have the desire to:

  • Invest in your well-being and self-care practices, and improve your resilience?
  • Increase your self-awareness and regulation, your ability to return to calm?
  • Value rest and play instead of remaining stuck in a state of stress and exhaustion?
  • Be a part of a community where wellness and resilience are prioritized, shared responsibilities?
  • Be a part of a community where self-care is accepted expected and prioritized?
  • Role model and practice a healthy relationship with self and others alongside children and families?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, RIRO is for YOU!


RIRO is split up into 2 parts: Adults Skills and Child Applications

Part 1: Adult Skills, focuses on resiliency skills and abilities in practice for adults and includes:

  • Resiliency Research
  • Why Adults First?
  • 3 R Skill Set (Relax, Reflect, Respond)
  • 7 Critical Abilities
  • Considering: how do our thoughts impact our feelings and actions?
  • CAR Model (Circumstance > Automatic Thought > Reaction)
  • Examining Thought – Feeling Connections
  • Exploring thinking habit traps, explanatory styles and iceberg beliefs
  • Learning to Generate Alternatives
  • Creating Resiliency Action Plans

 Part 2: Child Applications, focuses on applying resiliency skills and abilities alongside children in early childhood programs, and includes:

  • Research on stress and resilience in childhood
  • Our Role in providing caring responsive relationships and the importance of reframing to support connection
  • Role modelling and supporting children’s 3 R Skill Set and 7 critical abilities
  • Using storybooks as an opportunity to support resilience
  • Resilient environments
  • Creating a sense of belonging
  • Opportunities for mastery
  • Descriptive feedback, growth mindset
  • How play can support flexible thinking

You can read more about RIRO here:


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