About Dufferin Oaks

Dufferin Oaks is a non-profit Long Term Care Home owned and operated by the County of Dufferin under standards established by the Ministry of Long-Term Care.

About Dufferin Oaks

Our Mission: Dufferin Oaks is a non-profit, long-term care home, owned and operated by the Corporation of the County of Dufferin, dedicated to providing a continuum of the highest quality of holistic care for both residents and clients in partnership with the community.

Our Vision: Dufferin Oaks’ vision is to be a centre of excellence for non-profit, long term care programs and community services.

Our Values: At Dufferin Oaks, we provide non-profit, long term care programs and services based on the following values:

  • dignity and well being for our residents and clients
  • respect for each individual
  • multi-disciplinary planning for client focused care
  • quality, cost effective, client centred services
  • a workplace focused on team effort and personal growth
  • a safe, comfortable home-like environment.

Our Facility

Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home is a three storey home, located in the heart of Shelburne at 151 Centre Street.  One hundred and sixty residents call Dufferin Oaks home, living in private, semi-private and standard rooms.  There are five separate home areas, each with its own nursing station, dining room, activation room, living room and den.  In addition to the living areas in each home area, we feature an expansive lounge area just inside our Main Entrance that includes a cafe (operated by Community Living Dufferin) and convenient access to our beautiful courtyard.

Our Rooms

Residents have the choice of private, semi-private or standard accommodation rooms.  Private rooms have their own en-suite washroom.  Semi-private rooms are similar to private rooms, except that they each have their own entrance to a shared washroom.  In standard accommodation, two residents share a room and a washroom with privacy provided by either a curtain or a wall in the middle of the room.