Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee

The mandate for the committee will be to advise County Council, make recommendations and provide a monitoring and measuring role to help ensure that the County applies a diversity, equity and inclusion lens to its policies, services and programs.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee is not recorded. Any members of the Public wishing to observe the meeting can contact the Clerk's Office at info@dufferincounty.ca or 519-941-2816 x2500 before 4 p.m. on the day of the meeting.

Click here to view the committee Terms of Reference.

Click here to view the DEICAC Strategic Plan that was approved by Council on October 13, 2022.

Committee Members

Trisha Linton

Trisha Linton, Chair: My name is Trisha Linton, A mother and a community advocate. I work with children and families living with special needs and work on various committees as well as support pastoral care initiatives, including my ongoing advocacy support for orphanages in Africa . I have an entrepreneurial spirit and truly believe in the celebration of cultures and communities that promotes the best of who we are and what we have to contribute to our community.

Althea Alli

Althea Alli: Althea Alli is the founder of the Shelburne Multicultural Event, the Vice Chair on the Shelburne Police Board and the Vice Chair on the Anti-Black Racism & Discrimination Task Force. Althea is the Director at a youth shelter in Dufferin County. 

Councillor Steve Anderson

Councillor Steve Anderson: Steve is a Councillor for the County of Dufferin and Deputy Mayor for the Town of Shelburne. Steve currently serves on the Diversity Committee for the County of Dufferin and the Town of Shelburne. In 2020, Steve also served on the Town of Shelburne’s Anti-Black Racism & Discrimination Task Force.

Councillor Sandy Brown

Councillor Sandy Brown: Sandy Brown is the Mayor of Orangeville.   Sandy’s support of multiculturalism dates back to 1988 as a sponsor of Mississauga’s Multicultural Festival Carassauga – started by then Mayor Hazel McCallion.  At the time Sandy worked for his father’s sign manufacturing company.  That company employed 25 people from 20 different countries – there was a flag from every nation displayed in the lunchroom. In the midst of continuing unconscious bias in 2021 – we need to develop ways to lessen discrimination in housing and hiring practices.  Sandy looks forward to championing the promotion of work from home for those with mobility challenges and improving communication and socialization of seniors, many of whom are marginalized in today’s society. 

Jordan Dedier

Jordan Dedier: Jordan Dedier grew up in Orangeville and attended local school for both elementary and secondary education, and currently maintains the home where he grew up in as his home address. He achieved a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Combined Honors in Business Law & Human Rights with a Minor in Political Science from Carleton University; in addition to a Certificate in PROSCI Change Management from PROSCI Canada and is currently pursuing his Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA) from Simon Fraser University. Jordan has 5 years of recruitment, sales, HR, staffing and consulting experience from Canada-wide work engagements and is currently working part-time as an Advisor at Caring for Seniors in Dufferin as well as working full-time as a Consultant, Talent Manager at TEEMA. Jordan continues to further his education towards a Certificate in Human Resources Management at Ryerson University in pursuit of the HRPA Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, and is committed to life-long learning tied to his passion for finding DEI-focused solutions.  

Sabina Greenley

Sabina Greenley: Sabina Greenley has been in the field of Social Services for over 20 years within a variety of capacities, and graduated Valedictorian of her Social Service Worker (SSW) class. Sabina currently works full-time for Family Transition Place as a Youth Educator, where she is also the chair of the Values Committee and the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee. She is also a part-time professor within the Faculty of Social and Community Services in the Social Service Worker program at Humber College. Sabina's passion is building a healthy, more equitable, respectful and accepting community and proudly supports the work being done to make this happen.

Meg Haggett

Meg Haggett: Meg is a full time student in her second year of the social service working program at Humber. The endless possibilities of being able to hear different ideas, perspectives and experiences as well as getting to work alongside people from all different walks of life is something that Meg will never take for granted. Currently, she is living in Orangeville where she grew up, and is always looking for opportunities to get involved in her community and expand her knowledge. Meg believes that the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee is the ideal chance in being able to bring out many more valued voices in Dufferin County, in working towards better representation and inviting new ways of celebrating and embracing all that there is to be offered.

Arvandi Nalisa Komal

Arvandi Nalisa Komal: Arvandi Nalisa Komal started her family in Dufferin County and plans to grow roots for the years to come. She is a Certified Project Manager with a Bachelor of Social Science in Criminal Justice Studies and brings numerous years of experience in advocacy and community outreach work. Arvandi holds strong values in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion for everyone and she sees great potential in advancing Dufferin County into the vibrant community that it truly is.

Christie Lazo

Christie Lazo: Christie Lazo has lived in Dufferin County for the majority of her life, moving to the area shortly after immigrating to Canada from Peru as a young child. She holds an Honours Double Major in Communication Studies and Sociology from York University; which has led her to 10+ years of experience in the communications industry with an expertise in digital marketing. Christie is the community organizer of the "Diversity in Dufferin County" Facebook page, where her goal is to encourage and celebrate the steps towards diversity, equity and inclusion within Dufferin County. Christie brings her expertise, knowledge, experience and skills to support the initiatives of the Dufferin County Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee while advocating for those that need the most support in our community. 

Mike Marcinkiewicz

Mike Marcinkiewicz: Finding new opportunities in Dufferin County, Mike and his wife moved to Mulmur in 2020 to settle their roots and raise a family. Now, Mike can be found running his HVAC business throughout the County helping homeowners with their heating and cooling issues. A passion for community involvement, individual expression, and social inclusion has led Mike to pursue a path to eliminate hate and inequality in our County. Considering himself to be a champion of diversity and inclusion, Mike hopes that barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion can be eradicated from our neighborhoods and communities.

Alethia O'Hara-Stephenson

Alethia O'Hara-Stephenson: Alethia is a highly sought-after speaker, author and community advocate who is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and advancing the needs of her community. She is the Founder and President of the Dufferin County Canadian Black Association and is the recipient of multiple awards including the RBC Global Citizen Award, the Town of Shelburne Community Excellence Award and a 2020 MyFM Woman of Influence honoree. Alethia holds a BA in Political Science from York University, and MBA in Leadership and Innovation from Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion from Ashton College and a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) Designation from the Insurance Institute of Canada. 

Angela Pollard

Angela Pollard, Staff Liaison: Angela has worked within the Community Services Department of the County of Dufferin since 2011.  She currently works as a Community Services Worker, supporting clients of the Ontario Works program, and also serves as a co-chair of the County of Dufferin’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

Preeya Rateja

Preeya Rateja: Preeya Rateja has lived in Dufferin County for 13 years. She is of South Asian descent and a mother of two daughters. She works in the public service industry and has served in the Canadian Armed Forces. In addition, Preeya has worked and volunteered in the violence against women sector and brings years of experience in human rights, where her passion lies.  

Councillor Darren White

Councillor Darren White: Darren White is Mayor of the Township of Melancthon and is Councillor for Dufferin County. Darren is currently a member of the Community Development & Tourism Committee, the Infrastructure & Environmental Services Committee, and the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Community Advisory Committee. He also serves as the County representative on the Headwaters Communities in Action board.


Agendas & Minutes

Committee / Team / Council Date Agendas Addendums Meeting Minutes Video
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee
Agenda Minutes
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee
Agenda Minutes
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee
Agenda Minutes
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee
Agenda Minutes
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee
Agenda Minutes


Members of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee sit of one of the following subcommittees: Human Services Working Group or Economic Development Working Group. Updates from the subcommittees are given at the full Committee meetings.

Human Services Working Group

Members: Jordan Dedier (Chair), Angela Pollard (staff representative), Councillor Sandy Brown, Sabina Greenley, Christie Lazo,

The Human Services Working Group is tasked with reviewing and assessing services and initiatives that impact residents of Dufferin County to ensure that they are designed and delivered in an equitable and inclusive fashion. Some areas of focus include, but, are not limited to, housing security, financial equity, and access to services through a lens utilizing the social determinants of health. 

Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.

Economic Development Working Group

Members: Trisha Linton (Chair), Terrilynn Kunopaski (staff representative), Althea Alli, Councillor Steve Anderson, Alethia O'Hara-Stephenson, Preeya Rateja,

Members of the working group will focus around ensuring an anti-oppressive lens is applied to Economic Development and Tourism activities and investments. The working group members are committed to ensuring equitable, inclusive approaches to stakeholder education and training, marketing, and event participation in the community.

Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 6 p.m.

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