McKelvie Burnside Village

McKelvie Burnside Village is a 22 unit apartment complex operated by Dufferin Oaks.  This complex is designed specifically for seniors (age 60 and over) who require extra support to remain living independently but do not yet need the care of a long term care home.

The Village is located in the Mel Lloyd Centre; a building physically connected to Dufferin Oaks, at 200 Mill Street, Shelburne. 

The March of Dimes Canada operates 6 of these units for adults with physical disabilities who require full assisted living housing. To find out more about these units such as eligibility, rates, wait list or applications, please call Dufferin County Community Support Services at 519.925.5452 or e-mail

McKelvie Burnside Village Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who qualifies for the McKelvie Burnside Village? Is there a waiting list?

    McKelvie Burnside Village is a housing complex operated by Dufferin Oaks specifically for seniors (age 60 and over) who require extra support to remain living independently but do not yet need the care provided in a long term care home.  All applicants must be able to direct their own care.  Applicants will be screened based on criteria which may include the necessity for supports available in the Village.  March of Dimes Canada also operates 6 units in McKelvie Burnside Village.  Their units are for physically disabled persons over the age of 16 who require full supportive housing.  There may be a waiting list depending on the type of apartment you are applying for.

  • How do I apply? Where do I get the forms to apply?

    To begin the application process, please contact Dufferin County Community Support Services at 519.925.5452. 

    In addition to being screened for McKelvie Burnside Village criteria, we will ask you to complete a Housing application.  These forms are available at the Dufferin County Community Support Services office at the Mel Lloyd Centre in Shelburne.  

    To apply for the March of Dimes Canada units or to find out more information about their units specifically, please contact their office at 519.925.1048.

  • How many apartments are there?

    There are 8 bachelor apartments, 7 one bedrooms apartments, and 1 two bedroom apartment.  March of Dimes Canada has 6 one bedroom apartments.

  • How much will it cost me?

    McKelvie Burnside Village rates are based on market rates for Shelburne.  The 2018 rates are $709 for a bachelor apartment, $865 for a one bedroom, and $1,029 for a two bedroom.  These rates are subject to change based on local market rates.  Through the Dufferin County Housing Program, subsidies may be available for some of the apartments based on financial information provided in your Housing Application. 

    Although heat and water are included in your rent, there is a monthly fee for electricity which is set by the province in housing units.  Currently, one bedroom and bachelor apartments have a fee of $30 per month; the fee is $43 per month for the 2 bedroom apartment.

  • How big are the apartments?

    Bachelor apartments are 540 sq. ft.

    One bedroom apartments are 650 sq. ft.

    The two bedroom apartment is approximately 800 sq. ft.

  • Are there showers or bathtubs in the apartments?

    Bachelor apartments come equipped with a bathtub.  One bedroom apartments have been designed to be barrier free, so they have wheelchair accessible showers, as does the two bedroom apartment.  The six March of Dimes Canada units are also barrier free with a fully wheelchair accessible bathroom and shower.

  • What appliances are included?

    The kitchen includes a fridge and stove.

  • What furniture do I need to bring with me? Are drapes included?

    No furniture is included other than kitchen appliances. You may bring any furniture you would like to make your apartment comfortable. Remember that these are small apartments so you will need to plan accordingly. All windows are covered with blinds, therefore drapes are not required.

  • Do the washrooms have safety grab bars?

    All units have a grab bar in the shower or bathtub whichever is applicable for the apartment. The one bedroom apartments also have grab bars beside the toilets.

  • Can I get assistance with medication or needles?

    You must be able to administer your own medication.  If you receive supportive housing, assisted living, or are approved by Home and Community Care, staff can help with reminders of medication. Staff are not allowed to administer medications directly.

  • What support services are available?

    Home and Community Care may provide personal care if you are deemed eligible through their criteria.  You can also access any of the services offered through DCCSS (i.e. transportation, home help, meals on wheels, friendly visiting, congregate dining, and the Adult Day Program).  Fees are set for each of these services - contact DCCSS at 519.925.5452.  Hairdressing is available at the Oaks by calling 519.925.2140 x 5246.

  • What services are not available?

    If you are no longer able to direct your own care, other than a brief illness, you will need to look at a long term care facility to provide the services you need.  Home and Community Care provides all assessments for long term care placements.

  • How do visitors access the apartments?

    Like other apartments complexes, the front door is locked and tenants have their own key.  Visitors must call individual apartments using the intercom at the front entrance. The intercom rings through to the apartment's phone, the tenant answers and enters a code on the phone to let them in.

  • What about telephone and cable services?

    Telephone and cable services are available for purchase through Rogers.

  • Am I allowed a pet?

    Yes, you are allowed a pet as these units are considered to be your own apartment. As is standard in any apartment setting, the pet will need to comply with The Village standards & local by-laws (i.e. noise, smell, etc.). Your pet is not to be left in the public areas. You will be required to sign a McKelvie Burnside Village pet agreement form outlining the requirements before bringing in a pet.

  • How do I get mail?

    As in most apartments, there is a mailbox unit set up in the lobby.  Each apartment has an assigned mailbox with a key.  Canada Post drops off mail Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

  • What about smoking?

    The Village is a non-smoking housing complex.  Smoking tenants and visitors are required to go outside to smoke.