Eco-Anxiety Workshop | December 12, 2023

On Monday December 12, 2023 the Youth Climate Activation Circle had the pleasure of welcoming workshop leader Rachel Malena-Chan (sher/her), Creator & Story Strategist with Eco-Anxious Stories.

Eco-Anxious Stories is a creative collaborative space that aims to normalize eco-anxiety and build capacity for change through the lens of story.

During our time together with Rachel, we learned about the connection between mental health, climate change, and storytelling. We shared space to express our emotions about the climate crisis and discovered how to craft our own personal story to bring the climate conversation forward in our spheres of influence.

Thank you to Rachel for this inspiring workshop! Our Youth Climate Ambassadors are now well-equipped with new tools for eco-anxiety that will help sustain our work in the coming year!

PowerPoint Slide reading: Your Turn: I care about ... because if ... then... I want to build ... with ... So then let's...