Rethinking Series 2: Embodying a Pedagogy of Listening

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children playing

Whether you are just starting your work in the ECE field, or have been working with these ideas for decades, this series works as a spark to ignite the flame of deeper reflection, rethinking and change. This series will appeal to those who are interested in looking closely to the ideas for emergent curriculum, the image of child, teacher, family and community in connection with the foundations and pedagogical approaches of How Does Learning Happen? (HDLH) and the Standards of Practice of the CECE.

How might we hold space for meaningful pedagogies and practice to emerge in our specific and local Canadian context in which we work and live? We intend these webinars to be responsive to the community members who attend, ebbing and flowing with the dialogues that come up emergently.


Webinars recordings available: 

1. Unraveling the many layers of paint, a symphony of meaning
2. Rethinking Series 2: Power of Letting Go and Art of Holding Close
3. Dufferin Outdoor Pedagogies Webinar
4. Dufferin Fall 2021 Land and Forest Based Pedagogies Webinar
5. Coming together in the landscape of storytelling with :
        •    Local Chef, Phil Dewar shares with us his love of food and the role it has played in his life.
        •     Award winning, visual artist Anna Binta Diallo's who shared her creative practice as a whole and her most recent project “Wanderings”
        •     Local Sound Practitioner, Karen Piekarz-Mackisoc shares with us the power of sound and how it plays a role in mindfulness and wellness
6. Rethinking Series 2: Embodying a Pedagogy of Listening