Reimagining Quality Project

How might we re-story quality & care in Early Childhood and Education? In this video, the community of Dufferin County Early Childhood Educators, together with the Seneca lab School Early Childhood Educators explore and initiate an investigatory project to Re-story Quality in the Early Years, beyond the traditional top-down story. Let’s create space for hope and possibility that supports us & reminds us of the why of what we do.

What Fills Your Heart Today?

We begin this project and journey with our hearts. We invite you to explore our question "what fills your heart today" and pass along to others; colleagues, educators, families, children to join us in an invitation to re-story quality and care in early childhood education. So much clouds what is important to us as Early Childhood Educators, and this is our effort to return to our values as educators.

It's time to restore, renew and revive! Our collective voices matter, we as educators matter, our work matters…

How might we magnify, illuminate and amplify the beauty of our work by sharing what fills each of our hearts?

Nature settings

How Can You Participate?

Express and engage in the question “what fills your heart today!” See examples below.  Each person may find that a different medium speaks to them. Therefore, each person may choose to use anything that speaks to their desire to share! A photograph, poem, story, comment, or perhaps even a collage! Please share anything that helps you to express what gives flight to the joy in your heart.

Our desire with this invitation is to grow from a few voices to a larger collection of full hearts! Share with us as much or as often as you feel called to. There is no wrong answer to this question, and no right way to share.

Connect with us on social media: @DufferinRTB and @SenecaLabSchool

Share with us What filled your heart today using the hashtags for this project: #DufferinWhatFillsYourHeartToday #SenecaWhatFillsYourHeartToday #DufferinReimaginingQuality #ecematters

You may also submit directly to Lisa Taylor at (Note: please ensure you receive consent, when needed, before posting images or voices of children on their behalf)

The more you offer, the more we can begin to explore what is truly meaningful in our work and lives with children and families.