Learning & Organizational Development Advisor - Permanent Full Time

Reporting to the Director of People and Equity, the Learning and Organizational Development Advisor is responsible for the ongoing development and enhancement of the Corporate Training Plan and its deliverables. This position helps the organization optimize employee performance by planning, coordinating, developing, and scheduling learning opportunities to meet the needs of employees, departments and the organization identified through training needs analysis and assessments.

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What you’ll do

  • Conduct training needs analyses and consult with different departments to identify training priorities
  • Work collaboratively with various departments to enhance existing training initiatives and explore opportunities to create new training programs to address ongoing needs
  • Prepare, design/customize, and deliver course materials for in-person and online training
  • Develop initiatives to promote and support a system-wide culture of excellence and high performance
  • Design and implement change management processes to add business value by leveraging technology, using a systematic approach to organizational change, and identifying metrics to measure outcomes
  • Deliver various employee training initiatives including, but not limited to, anti-oppression, anti-racism, respectful workplace, and customer service that support the professional development of all staff
  • Manage and promote the Harvard ManagerMentor learning system, as part of ongoing leadership development
  • Build effective working relationships with community partners, organizations, and municipalities
  • Participate in the Municipal Learning and Organizational Development (MLOD) network as a forum for sharing relevant practices, resources, programs, and issues related to organizational development
  • Compile and maintain an inventory of training resources, tools and vendors pertaining to various learning and organizational development topics
  • Other duties as assigned.
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