HVAC Maintenance Technician- Permanent Full Time

Reporting to the Working Foreperson, the Maintenance Technician (HVAC) is responsible for conducting mechanical maintenance and repairs on equipment and building services and utilities including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), This is a broad description and individuals will be assigned to a specific functional area.  Duties and assignments may overlap depending on operational needs and staffing levels.

Posting Date

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What you’ll do

  • Oversee the maintenance and repair of HVAC systems in County buildings
  • Monitor HVAC controls and adjust set points as needed
  • Perform predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance on HVAC equipment and systems.
  • Determine HVAC system problems and make recommendations for repair
  • Review and evaluate the quality of HVAC contract vendor work
  • Provide suggestions for enhancement and repair of HVAC systems
  • Determine work methods in accordance with applicable codes and by-laws, safety requirements, HVAC trade standards, and manufacturer's warranty instructions
  • Receive, track, and monitor status of maintenance requests and repairs through service maintenance management database
  • Accurately record labour and material costs with in maintenance management database and time entry systems
  • Perform inspections on eyewash stations as well as monthly inspections of fire extinguishers located throughout County owned buildings
  • Respond to tenant concerns
  • Other duties as assigned.
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