Forest Assistant - Permanent Full Time

Reporting to the County Forest Manager, the County Forest Assistant is responsible for assisting in the development and management of the Dufferin County Forest for conservation, economic, and recreational purposes. Primary duties include assisting with the monitoring and managing of recreational use of the lands; promoting the County Forest; providing advice and educational outreach to various stakeholders, including members of the public; assisting with the planning and implementing of harvest schedules; and assisting with all aspects of the forest management and operating plans. Scheduled hours for this position are 35 hours per week, with the typical work week being Tuesday through Saturday.

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What you’ll do

  • Plan and implement projects to preserve the ecological value of the Dufferin County Forest and ensure its sustainability and regeneration
  • Develop plans for planting and growing new trees, monitor trees for healthy growth, and assist with determining optimal harvesting schedules.
  • Conduct inventory of stands to be harvested and monitor harvesting operations
  • Assist with the preparation of silvicultural prescriptions for stands to be harvested
  • Assist with monitoring tree marking contract
  • Inventory, monitor, and control invasive species and species at risk and support the conservation of wildlife habitats
  • Respond to public inquiries regarding recreational use of the County Forest and provide "on-the-ground" contact with Forest users
  • Prepare educational content about the County Forest for the Dufferin County website and as needed for other initiatives
  • Assist in preparation of annual management plans and operating plans for the Country Forest, including associated public consultation
  • Other duties as assigned.
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