Climate Change Research & Engagement Assistant

The Climate Change Research & Engagement Assistant is an integral part of a new initiative to support the development of a Dufferin Climate Action Plan with municipalities and other partners. This position will support the development of the County’s mitigation strategies, community engagement and public education programs.

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Here’s what you’ll do:

Undertake research work as directed, such as:

  • Conducting policy and literature reviews.
  • Accessing energy use data from regional energy companies/agencies.
  • Using online tools to inventory and assist in analyzing energy consumption/costs and profile energy use patterns.
  • Assist in developing documents, guidelines, policies and procedures for projects as needed.
  • Assisting staff in identifying existing GHG reduction actions and other energy management opportunities.

Administrative and outreach activities include the following:

  • Support development of outreach programs, including developing presentations and public education initiatives to promote the Dufferin Climate Action Plan.
  • Assist in organizing external events such as community-based workshops as needed.
  • Ensure relevant documents are provided for each meeting and updated afterward.
  • Supports team communications through activities such as designing graphics, providing personal creative input, engaging in website and social media updates, and addressing external inquiries and drafting responses on a timely basis.
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