Nuisance Beaver Program

Dufferin County operates a Nuisance Beaver Program during the off season for beaver trapping. 

beaver dam

This program runs from May 1st through October 24th annually, and is carried out with the permission of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. It is designed to protect municipal drains, culverts, and roads from damage caused by nuisance beavers.

If nuisance beavers are affecting municipal drains, the complaint should be forwarded to the appropriate municipality.

If nuisance beavers are affecting private property, the property owner should contact the Public Works Department at 519.941.2816 ext 2600 to discuss options.

Nuisance Beaver Program Process 

  1. When a concern is identified on a municipal drain, the County of Dufferin dispatches a contracted, licensed trapper and notifies the Drainage Superintendent
  2. The trapper will be onsite within a few days to start working
  3. Once the trapper informs the County that beaver activity has ceased, the County informs the Drainage Superintendent
  4. The Drainage Superintendent arranges for removal of the beaver dam

To apply online for beaver control, click here.

To print out the 'Permission to Enter Private Property' form, click here.