Coyote Predation Program

Dufferin County offers a coyote predation program in order to reduce conflicts between problem coyotes and livestock owners within the county.


This program is available to Dufferin County Livestock owners only and does not include the loss of household pets.  This procedure is to allow Dufferin County to compensate authorized hunters to hunt localized coyotes that are directly responsible for a given predation occurrence. The intent is not to target the general coyote population over a widespread area.

Step 1: Landowner Declaration

Upon loss of livestock or poultry to predation, a landowner may wish to engage a licensed hunter to protect his/her stock. He/she should immediately contact the County of Dufferin or the local municipal office to obtain this Nuisance Coyote Control By-law Compensation Form. Forms are also available from local Municipal Livestock Evaluators, as well as the County of Dufferin website:

Step 2: Municipal Livestock Evaluator

A landowner contacts their Municipal Livestock Evaluator to verify the livestock or poultry loss and determine the predation cause. The local municipal office can provide contact information for the Municipal Livestock Evaluator.

Step 3: Landowner Appointment of Agent

The landowner contacts an agent (licensed hunter) and requests assistance to protect their stock and control the predator. Agents must be permanent residents of the County of Dufferin.

Step 4: County of Dufferin Authorization

The landowner or their agent submits this compensation form to the County of Dufferin Office for their authorization to hunt coyotes for compensation. The form must be received by the County, within (20 work days) of the predation occurrence.

When the forms are received, the County of Dufferin will, authorize a hunting period corresponding to the severity of the predation and time of year. Copies of the authorization should be carried while hunting for compensation. The agent should retain the original authorized compensation form for later submission at the municipal office.

Authorizations will not be made:

  • "over the counter", before consultations with all concerned parties
  • for a blanket period or renewed periods without consideration of predation severity
  • when claim forms are submitted more than 20 work days after the predation occurrence
  • when hunting for compensation has commenced prior to authorization from the County of Dufferin

Authorization to hunt coyotes for compensation is not permission to trespass on private property. 

Step 5: Agent Request for Payment

To request compensation, the agent must present the coyotes ears taken in response to a predation occurrence to Dufferin County municipal office along with the completed original compensation form and a copy of the hunting license.

Step 6: Municipal Certification 

Coyote ears presented by the agent will be viewed by the Chief Building Official or designate and will provide certification. The form will be processed by County of Dufferin. The certification must be signed by a municipal officer no later than authorization expiry date.

For more information, call or email the Clerk's Office at 519-941-2816 ext. 2500 or or contact your local municipal office

Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program

While Dufferin County's Coyote Predation Program does not compensate owners for livestock loss, the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program may. The Provincial program provides financial assistance to producers whose livestock, poultry and honey bees have been damaged by wildlife. Please visit the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs page for information. You can reach OMAFRA for more information at 1-877-424-1300 or