Hurricane Clip Rebate Program

In partnership with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, Dufferin County is offering a rebate incentive to property owners or builders in Amaranth, East Garafraxa, Grand Valley, Melancthon, Mono, Mulmur, and Shelburne who install hurricane clips during construction on all new buildings, additions, or renovations.

Steel Roof Structure


Hurricane Clip

What are Hurricane Clips?

Hurricane clips, straps, or ties are small pieces of metal that have been engineered to bind the roof rafters or trusses to the top plate of the wall, effectively ensuring that the roof and wall are securely fastened.

These small pieces of metal, widely used in the United States, are a low-cost system that can prevent and reduce the damage caused by roof structures being torn from buildings and becoming airborne debris during severe storms such as downbursts, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Benefits of Hurricane Clips

Severe storms causing strong winds can have a devastating effect on a building. Research shows that violent winds blowing over peaked roofs act like air flowing over the curved wings of an airplane – exerting an upward lift on the structure.

The walls hold a structure’s roof up. During a windstorm, we need to ensure the walls will hold the roof down. Hurricane clips cost about $1 each and are installed at each connection between the roof rafters or trusses and the top of the wall.


The Rebate Program

This rebate program will provide you with $4.50 for each installed and inspected hurricane clip used to secure the roof rafters or trusses to the top plate of the wall on your new construction project.

During the framing inspection, the building official will record the number of eligible hurricane clips installed.

Once the permit is completed, Dufferin County will forward a cheque for the appropriate dollar amount to the property owner (maximum 75% of the permit fee).

Note: If hurricane clips are a requirement in the roof design, they do not qualify for this rebate.