Laurie's Experience - Early Learning Celebration

Nov 18th, 2019
By rwhelan
group of women sitting at a round table

Early Learning Event - a time for professionals to come together to honour what we do, became a gathering of family to express our thoughts, passions and true self.  A feeling of home was felt through out the evening.  A true meaning of heart, mind and soul could be seen and felt as it was weaved in everything we encountered.  It was expressed through the location of the gathering, Museum of Dufferin, showing the importance of the environment.  With the warm homemade food to add to a feeling of belonging, well being and expression.   I felt the true meaning of celebration not just as a professional but as a human and the importance of respecting everyone.  I look forward to continuing this engagement together.

Laurie Rooney RECE
Supervisor of Children’s Services for the County of Dufferin