Jackie's Experience - Early Learning Celebration

Nov 18th, 2019
By rwhelan
crowd listening to speaker

This year’s Early Learning Celebration was collaboratively constructed around the theme “home grown”. It offered early learning professionals time to gather, wander, connect, and mingle together at one’s own pace. Personally, I feel that this year’s gathering emulated what it means to “gather”; social gatherings happen naturally and unfold organically when one is offered the opportunity to move freely about the space, engage with peers and explore what the environment has to offer. Such was the case for me, and truly felt that this evening provided me with a sense of belonging within our community; on a large scale, Dufferin County, and on a smaller scale, with my peers. The evening offered self-guided experiences throughout the museum, as well as with the opportunities to gather and connect with colleagues, and experience one of the many histories of Dufferin County through the food that was provided. This overall event was truly a memorable one because of these thoughtful approaches, and I am truly grateful to live and work in a community that honours its histories and progressively recognizes its citizens in meaningful ways.

Jackie Henry, RECE
Director, The Sunflower School